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My bathroom remodel nightmare :)
mnjeepguy posted:
I have a Photobucket account so I made an album to show you all what we have been up to. Feel free to roam and look at my other pictures as well.
dollbug responded:
Hello Cory, well it looks like you have done a lot of work and it is almost finished. I know when I had my bathrooms remodeled what it cost to do I am sure you saved a bundle of money being able to do the work yourself. When my floor was removed I was very surprised at the mess that was there. What I could see did not reveal what was under the floor. We knew that there were problems but I had no idea just how much had rotted over the years. I could not even believe just what it took to redo the bath from ground up. I was so glad when the project was finished.

I am sure you will be glad when you are finished and you all will be able to enjoy the bathroom for a very long time.

I hope you have a good (and mostly safe) trip.

Remember to try to pace and pace some more if you can.

Take care.


fibroinsd responded:
Wow...very nice job !!! Having done a bathroom remodel..ok..ok..I didn't do it...DH did...but I had to make a million decisions and I did have to help !!!! Anyway..I do know how much work this is..and you did a wonderful job..Congrats..I know you will enjoy for years to come !

Let's put the fun back in dysfunctional !- Mary Englebright
rudyandirmouse responded:
Cory, OMG that is just awesome! You've done a great job on the bathroom. It's beautiful! I don't see what else you need to do but if there is it sure doesn't look like much more. Just so nice!

With this project behind you I hope you can get ready to leave on your vacation and rest and have a wonderful time.

Gentle hugs, Linda R
mnjeepguy responded:
Thanks everyone. Most of it is done, but I have a couple feet of flooring to finish and all of the trim. There will be crown molding, baseboard, and door trim to do after the trip. I added a picture of the floor I picked out. The DW picked everything else. It is a high end laminated vinyl product so it is water proof. It is almost black and the wood grain in greyish in color.

Today I re-caulked the whole tub. From me climbing all over it and on the edges it pulled it loose. It is my least favorite thing to do, but it is done.
booch007 responded:
Crap Cory I had alot of trouble getting it downloaded. I saw 4 pictures and man it was a full gut! Good luck, I think about this project alot and how it will affect you.
So great you are handy though. I have always had ideas...I just have no knowledge to get them all accomplished and no body now to even try!.

Nancy B
mnjeepguy replied to booch007's response:
Thanks Nan, sorry you could not see them all. I had been very tough physically, but it has saved me a bundle.

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