hand shakes
mmkjt5 posted:
does anyone get uncontrollable hand shaking before an attack is coming?
booch007 responded:
Yes, anything that shakes the upper carriage to the neck is a no no for me. I have learned to FAKE CLAP at concerts as that vibration is a trigger for that night being a mess.

The things we find out about ourselves!

Nancy B
mmkjt5 replied to booch007's response:
I went to my doctor and he felt one of my new meds was to strong, so we have cut back the dosage. I hope that is the simple solution. i'll let you know the results
booch007 replied to mmkjt5's response:
Oh CRAP...I thought that said uncomfortable.......not uncontrollable*** so stupid and blind!

Hand shaking is often a tremor from meds. The SSRI's are notorious at a too high a dose. Some lung meds do this too.

Good luck, sorry I read the comment wrong, you must have thought...what?

Hope that fixes the issue. Nancy B
mmkjt5 replied to mmkjt5's response:
I asked my doctor about it and he said the same as your doctor. we cut the dosage back and it has helped a lot