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my psychologist doesn't believe in fibromyalgia
auburn21 posted:
So,here I go again! had my regular appt. with my therapist,and it was a rainy day. I was aching. Told him I was in pain bad enough to take a vicodin (prescribed by my primary) the night before. He then launched into his usual rant on fibro. He believes it's not a real condition. It's just tense muscles due to stress,and vicodin does not help that type of pain.
Ok. No,I haven't called him on it,I just listen. I began seeing him for depression and anxiety,but it's difficult to listen to him tell me that fibromyalgia is imagined. I'm sure I'm not the only person suffering with fibro pain that's heard this from one or more doctors,therapists,etc.
I'm lucky that my primary understands and treats me for my condition.
Being told by anyone that I'm basically a drug addict is infuriating,and knocks down the self-esteem I'm trying to regain.
Anon_10089 responded:
Maybe you could print out studies, including ones that use functional MRI's that show conclusive differences in our brains. Also, does he know the FDA just held a meeting to address the needs of people with FM?

Maybe you could use this as an opportunity to boost your self-esteem and stand up for yourself. Even if it comes down to a "agree to disagree" statement. I know that can be hard. I am as non-confrontational as they get! But he's saying that millions of people are just making this up including doctors, scientists, and even now the government.

For me, I don't actually care that much about the name or a diagnosis of FM. All I know is that I have chronic pain and insomnia. And I'm like you. A low level opiate helps me -- a lot. I love when people try to say it doesn't! Uh, it's my body!

I am glad you have an understanding PCP, though. That is just about priceless!

Anon_10089 replied to Anon_10089's response:
I just re-read my post and I didn't mean to come across harshly in the "boost your self-esteem and stand up for yourself'" comment. I was putting it in context of myself. I am not one to usually stand up for myself and have gotten walked on before. I have made the resolve--for myself--that I will never let a health care professional minimize what I deal with. But I now realize what I wrote sounds kinda harsh toward you! Not my intention at all!!! It was one of those times that the written words comes across way differently than what it would if I said that in person. I hope I did not cause offense!

booch007 responded:
Good morning,

Ask him if he knows of Dr Travelle and Dr Simmons who worked on this in the 60's and Dr Travelle became President Kennedy's White House Physician because he dealt with this.

That it is actually more of a stressor to you to have this disagreement with him. You are not there to be judged and to hear his opinion about a medical condition you deal with. He it HIRED for emotional support and to teach you tools to get through your life.

But I will agree that narcotic meds are not what MD's like to see being used for this, because it is forever and it seems a whole collaboration of fixes seem to be needed to help us out of the box we get it.

Heat, hydration, massage, vitamins and supplements, (Vit D) and then the antidepressants to change brain chemistry to help.Muscle relaxants as well.

Shame on him. I never had someone in his place be judgemental. They are supposed to be guides to you figuring how to fix yourself. See life clearer. Make batter choices in situations. I also would hope they LIFT YOU UP......

Sheesh...I would love to get my hands on this guy.

Ok...hears to THIS group being your counsel and mentor you to a better place. We are open 24/7 and we are FREE....what is better than that!!

Hugs from me....Nancy B
auburn21 replied to Anon_10089's response:
JR, don't worry about sounding harsh! What you said is true. The first time he got on my case I just let it go,but this time,I let him have it!
Well,as much as I could. I guess I'm gaining some self esteem after all.
I don't have to use narcotics very much,but there are days I'm glad I have it.
Shame on him is right.
auburn21 replied to booch007's response:
Thank you Nancy. I guess you need to get in line to get your hands on my psychologist! I appreciate your comments.
bette_kaffitz responded:
Auburn, how long ago did your therapist do his training? Not too long ago, his attitude would have been considered mainline. Remember, we didn't even have the NAME fibromyalgia until 1990.

The other thing is that the professors who taught your therapist were probably entrenched even further in the past. So the textbooks and lectures THEY advocated could have been even more behind the times.

If you deal with enough providers from enough disciplines you will definitely hear more of that "It's all in your pretty little head." theory. Luckily, things are changing. But change does take time.

Try to take the good, solid help your therapist can provide with things like relaxation therapies. If the rest of it gets to be too much for you, find another therapist, but remember the story about not throwing out the baby with the bathwater!

Life can be a challenge, but it is easier if you grab hold of all the good you come across. And there is SOME good everywhere.

auburn21 replied to bette_kaffitz's response:
Bette,thanks for your kind words. All of you fibro friends out there....well...have you thought about hanging out your shingle's? Like Lucy from Peanuts. Doctor-5 cents.
The last time my therapist said fibro doesn't exist,I did speak up,but didn't know what else to say except it does exist. Of course,he thinks he's right.
As far as fibro getting a name in 1990,my psychologist was 14 years old and just starting high school.
katmandulou responded:
Perhaps you can tell this guy that you don't have Easter Bunny Disease or Santa's Claws. I have a friends whose wife (a doctor) told him the same thing. He has seen me on bad days, and we all know it's not pretty!

FM IS a real illness, and invite him to live with you for a day. Tell him where it hurts, what the pain is on a scale from 0 to 10.

I don't want to sound harsh, but we all have to stand up for ourselves. You are among friends here, FMily we call ourselves, and know what you're going through.
rudyandirmouse responded:
aqburn21, well wouldn't it be nice to let him feel him have a taste of an imagery bad fibro day.

Can you not get in with someone else? Doctors are like anything else we pay for... if we don't like it, or it doesn't fit... we take it back and exchange it for one we do like and a size that does. I have yet to have or keep a doctor who doesn't treat me right or do right by me. That means if I say I hurt they look into it and refer me on if they can't treat it.

And I haven't had the displeasure of having a PCP, Rheumatologist, or Neurologist tell me the pain or symptoms I am feeling caused by fibro are not real or just in my head since 1977. Your doctor is way outta date on Fibromyalgia and Peripheral Neuropathy. If you can get on with another doctor and ask first if he/ she treats fibromyalgia.

Feel better and remember it's not in your head it's damaged nerve endings and most good and up todate doctors know that now!
Gentle hugs, Linda R
auburn21 replied to rudyandirmouse's response:
I've been gathering all the info on Fibromyalgia that my fibro friends have suggested here,and will print it to take to my psychologist at my next appt. I'm down to seeing him about once a month now,and I feel it's time to say goodbye to him.
So much going on right now. My elderly father had a stroke. My younger daughter is pregnant. My husband has prostate cancer.
I hurt my back lifting a patient about thirty years ago,and it still bothers me when I do too much. When I flare,it hurts like...heck. My wrists hurt,my hips too. But as the psychologist
suggests,it's not old age and arthritis. t's fibromyalgia.
missist replied to auburn21's response:
auburn-- I have fibro.. and now I have arthritis and old age-- LOL. Look I would have a really hard time seeing a therapist who apparently thinks I'm crazy or a malingerer. How can that person help you?

I mean I guess you have got something out of it--but that's really amazing.

djunbun responded:
Change Dr.
auburn21 replied to auburn21's response:
I didn't even read the last line here. I messed it up and it should say it's not fibro,it's old age and arthritis.
I have decided that my therapist and I have come to a parting of the ways. It's time. When we talk about the medications I take for the fibro,the IBS,and the GERD I have he just smiles in a condescending way.
Now,here in the Chicago area we had a rainy damp weekend. The temperatures dropped yesterday afternoon,and by evening I was in such pain! Weather has always affected me. It's usually from a change in the weather.
Back to the heating pad and a cup of Starbuck's.
Gentle Hugs,Auburn

missist replied to auburn21's response:
good choice. its bad enough when you have to put up with that stuff from friends and relatives -- no need to pay someone to treat you like crap.

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