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    Vaccines - Could there be a link to FM?
    Anon_501 posted:
    There is a piece of the puzzle missing with all of the people who have chronic illnesses. So what, it anything, can we all have in common? Could it be vaccines that we did or perhaps DID NOT get as children? Did you have all of yours as a child? Did you find out as an adult that you did not get them all and ended up getting them later?

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    Anon_10089 responded:
    I'm not sure about vaccines. I think I probably had all the standard ones in the early 80's. Since FM can be brought on by trauma it makes sense that could include environmental toxins. There are so many toxins in our environments and probably for some people, vaccines could be "overloading" their bodies. There are just too many stories of people becoming ill after getting vaccines for them not to be true. I'm not a huge conspiracy theorist or anything and definitely don't want to join the vaccine vs. anti-vaccine fight, but sometimes the sickest people are the ones with the most medical interventions!

    For myself, I won't get flu shots--I don't feel I am at a high enough risk and on my own have had the flu maybe once in my whole life. I was also young enough a few years ago when the HPV vaccine came out. I was (and am) in a monogamous relationship and felt like I wasn't at risk enough to be injected with something so new to the market. Wow, my doctor pushed and pushed me! I could tell that the medical group I was in must have really been pressuring doctors to push that--she seemed to have scripted responses to my objections. I held firm, though.

    I, of course, get tetanus shots and had the whooping cough booster that came in it. I figured I probably had that vaccine as a kid and am okay. I have also traveled to Asia but did not have the slew of vaccines for that. This was because after researching it, I decided we weren't staying long enough and our risk of exposure was probably pretty minimal. We were careful with mosquito repellent, washing our hands, and drinking safe water. With the FM, it scares me some to have a bunch of shots--our bodies are so weird and I don't know what mine will do sometimes!
    booch007 responded:
    Good morning , Pretty good post above me here. I am not a negative person on immunizing our children.

    In fact I very for it. BUT.....I have a new Grand daughter and I saw her inoculation sheet for the future. I AM AGAINST HOW THEY IMMUNIZE.

    There were I think 6 injections for her second round of shots! THAT INSULT TO HER IMMUNE SYSTEM I am against. This is OK because why??? A monkey in a lab didn't die? My children are very aware of my feelings to get those injections done in different groupings.

    We gave our children 2-3 at a time. In fact my son had >104* fevers with immunazations so he got 1/4 shots years ago. We had no problem with our kids.....yes more viruses and diseases need to be covered if they have a way to prevent. BUT I COULDN'T BELIEVE how much exposure to immune challenging serum they give now to children.

    Then they all ask....Hmmm why are the statistics to Autism so high. (I know there is no correlation to this statement, but I have my opinions) Now that I see what is going on.

    My GC will get more shots over a spaced period of time.

    For me, I get the flu shot, give the flu shot and feel that the one time I had the flu in my thirties, I thought I was going to attacked each system in my body. The real flu is deadly and I am not playing with it in my 60's! I will lose now!

    I also received the Shingles vaccine. An attending I work with a dear friend talked me into it. He and all those at our age took the vaccine together. One thing off the check list.

    For this pain in the butt mess we are in.......for me I feel it is the sum of all the parts of my life. I earned this mess. A type A who didn't sleep right with working nights and working so hard in the ICU, raising a family. The trauma of gluten on my body and the bathroom issues it caused. The dehydration and elemental loss. Poor care of myself. Running 100 miles an hour for years...

    This surely stopped me in my tracks. Set off with a trauma at a patients bedside. I never returned to work in the hospital and I am left with this new life. . I have learned that everyone has "somehting: they have to deal with in life......this is my somehting. The challenge is an everyday thing and trying to be gracious and live with it, an arduos task for the best of us.

    I think too at some point you get past the blame of what happened to you and you move forward a bit. I don't look so much back anymore, I look at how will I deal with the future.

    Imunizations will be in it though. I need the Pertussis (whooping cough) vaccine myself. I also need a pneumonia for next year, I bargained with myself last year and didn't take it......

    Well, that was a long chat!

    Good luck with your decisions on you, it is always a risk/benefit thing.

    Nancy B
    rosielou replied to booch007's response:
    Nancy, I had no idea that children now are getting so many at one time. Are there that many more new ones? I know about chickenpox but what else are they getting since ours were babies?

    My son (33 now) was like yours, such high fever with each go round and the doctor said it had nothing to do with the shot. I remember one time spending the rest of the day with him sleeping on my lap or chest because I was afraid he'd have a seizure. Liquid Tylenol, a damp washcloth, or a tub of cool water didn't feel like much ammo that day.

    booch007 replied to rosielou's response:
    Morning Rose,

    I wish this brain of mine could remember all of them but they get pneumonia now and the hepatitis(3) round. Just so many.

    It is an awful situation, the young mothers do what the doc tells them, they don't think to share that 6 shots were given as they think we gave 6 shots to them and this is how it is.

    Man, It really gets me. They do have Motrin now for the children and it lasts 8 hours to lower fever. That is great as we had "on duty" care of ours. Yes mine slept on my chest in the recliner too. I also had him on the changing table with my head sleeping next to him as I sat in a chair...arms outstretched to entrap him. Oh the memories.

    I think they are crazy and I don't think anyone is thinking about this as a problem. OK said my piece.
    Nancy B
    Anon_10089 replied to booch007's response:

    My sister-in-law had planned a home birth, ended up with a natural birth in the hospital. When the nurse wanted to do the Hep B shot and my SIL refused, wow, you should have felt the attitude. The same nurse had given her major attitude when she didn't want to be hooked up to an IV and was trying to do the birth naturally! But my SIL had done a lot of research and didn't think her brand new baby needed a vaccine that protected against something that is transmitted through bodily fluids and not casual contact -- and knowing she didn't have it herself.

    I can understand doing some of the vaccines, and especially if the baby is going to be in daycare. But I think parents can also question the real exposure risk to certain things (like Hepatitis, as babies). There are vaccine shots out there that are not all 6, whatever the doctors say. Parents can selectively choose vaccines.

    Unfortunately, this is such a polarizing topic. It seems like you are viewed as a crazy "anti-vaxxer" if you even question the vaccines. There should be a middle ground. There are just too many stories of children having reactions to the vaccines, whether it becomes a chronic issue or not.

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