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Headaches After Eating
tigger2001 posted:
I get headaches after eating and it does not matter what I eat. I have given up glutton 4 weeks ago and that had no effect. I tried raw juices and still got a headache. I eat lean chicken breasts without the skin that has been cooked on a rotisserie. I have a headache right now and my blood sugar is 110. I have taken Motrin and it does not touch the headache. The headaches start with lunch and last till I get hungry again. It is not my blood sugar. It is not a wheat problem since I have been off it for 4 weeks. It is not related to my posture because it is the same when I lay down. It is not related to caffeine because I can drink tea or coffee in the morning with no headaches. I do not get a headache until lunch.
Anon_10089 responded:
Hmm, that is strange. You already eliminated some common triggers. Have you eliminated others? There are a lot more food triggers for headaches. Do you eat about the same thing every morning? Maybe look at those ingredients. Also, is there a medication you take, maybe in the morning, that is maybe giving you the headache starting around lunchtime? This could even be a vitamin or a supplement. Sometimes the fillers in meds can cause reactions. There could be something really sneaky, like a dye or food coloring. I'm just throwing out ideas!

I have a lot of headaches and they are frustrating. Mine don't come in such a predictable pattern, though. And mine are definitely connected to problems in my back/neck/shoulders.

I hope you figure this out!

dollbug responded:
Hello...MiMi in NC. I had lots of headaches at one time. Could not figure out why either. I then had to have cervical (neck) surgery when the pain got in my shoulder and arm and I was not able to use my right hand. (I am right handed)...once I got the surgery my headaches stopped. So mine had to be related to the neck issues. (I did not have neck pain though) is strange just how different issues can affect different parts of our bodies.

I hope you find some relief soon. Have you tried using a heading pad at the neck area. (perhaps this might help you).

Take care and good luck. Let us know if you find out.


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