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to degeneative arthritus
An_256554 posted:
If anyone has any ideas it would be great.
does herbs do the trick?
thanks linda
missist responded:
Hi linda (anonomous) I use celebrex but am planning --if ok with dr's to start a trial of turmeric herb. I plan to use 4 gelcaps 00size 2x a day. It is supposed to be very good. read the dose on an article today by a bone surgeon who had a patient with bone on bone hip arthritis who was doing that and had like zero pain he just wanted the hip replacement so he'd be less stiff. Sounded good to me.

anyhow if you go on you can buy 00 gelatin caps and a little gadget to easily fill them with herbs. Some health food stores may have this stuff too. There may be turmeric supplements too--but I want to make my own. I had tried turmeric before but obviously did not have enough of it.

Another herb is white willow--most willow--but that one has more active ingredient. It is like aspirin. I'm not sure which is safer--do research.


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