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    Hump Day ******4/9/2014******
    dollbug posted:
    Happy Wednesday....MiMi in NC where it is going to be a nice day...high around 60's and then it will be in the 70's for the next few days...It is already 51*. I think spring is here, finally.

    Last night was better than the past few nights. I got some halfway decent sleep. I have also found something that is working for my allergies as well. It is the same thing I have used but it is in the D form. Allergra D. It has made a real difference. I am also having to use eye drops too. It has been predicted here that this will be the worst allergy season that we have had in a long time. Great....just what I need.

    Here is hoping each of you had a restful and peaceful night and was able to get some needed sleep. I know that sleep is really important for me to be able to actually function each day.

    Welcome to the new members who have joined our support group recently. Learning more about how to deal with the wrath of the dragon will eventually help you figure out what might work for you to ease your pain level. We are all different and what works for one may or may not work for another. You have to be the one to decide as you try different tools. Normally it does take a *combination of tools* which will may a difference in the way you feel. You should also remember too that it takes at least 6-8 weeks before you feel the full potential of what you are doing. Most of the time our bodies do not respond immediately to any thing that we do. There is no magic pill and we also must remember that FM is a chronic illness. There will be good days and then *not too good* days as well. We are gathered here to hopefully help you figure out what just might make a difference in your daily journey.

    I am one of the FMers here who tried different medicines in the beginning but did NOT find any which worked for me without causing other side effects. I finally decided that I needed to explore and learn more about the ugly illness and try to find what would work for me. I now control my FM pain by taking vitamins and supplements and doing other things as well.

    I take Fibro Response and Magnesium Malate (found at vitamin store) I also take Omegas and a good multi vitamin with extra D. I have other health issues as well. I also take a P5P which keeps my lower back pain at bay. (this is a processed form of Vitamin B 6 found also at vitamin store)

    I also use a heating pad daily, which does wonders for any pain that I do have. I have found that putting this around my neck area will reduce my pain almost anywhere on my body. I do not quite understand how this works but whatever it does helps me.

    I am also one of the FMers here who has had to sleep in a recliner now for a very long time. I do this to keep my back pain at bay. I sleep on top of pillows as well. I never wake up I did before I started this. I know that this has something to do with my spinal area.

    Vitamin D. Again I have to remind those of you who have not had your Vitamin D level checked....this is something that you should speak to your doctor about. Low Vitamin D can cause additional pain for some people and it can also affect other illnesses as well.

    That's my story and I'm sticking to it.

    Have a good day. Remember to pace, pace and pace even more.


    katmandulou responded:
    Hello FMily!

    It's finally getting warm for a few days here, we should see 60 today but I'm not holding my breath. Mother Nature can change her mind in an instant.

    We din't have to get out of the house Monday. The asbestos guy decided not to remove the linoleum in the kitchen until the insurance company gets the hygienist's report and reviews their decision. After paying homeowner's insurance for 25 years, they don't want to cover damage we didn't know was happening and couldn't see??? Stay tuned!

    With the mold in the kitchen I'm really pretty miserable. I don't spend time there and longer than I must. I can nuke water for tea pretty quickly now! I'm starting to flare *big surprise* and I'm trying to remember to pace myself.

    Not much else going on here. I wish you all the best day you can possibly have!
    bette_kaffitz responded:
    Hi MiMi, and Lou, and All,

    Today was a comedy of errors. DS took my van today because DH would be using his truck. So I had one more day of R & R after Monday's Radio Frequency Albalation (which is doing great so far!).

    Hubby needed the pickup because it had a nice empty bed that was easy to get really clean. Today was the day to kill one of our steers because the freezers are almost empty of beef.

    For the past week or so, the cows have been staying up near the barnyard where DH feeds them each day. Today, of course, they had gone way down into the pines, so hubby had to take his ATV and try to chase them back to the barn. They didn't chase. The ATV got buried up to its axle. Hubby climbed off and walked back through the mud and muck, and, again of course, the cows all came back with him. They all crowded together making it impossible to herd out the steer DH was going to kill.

    Two hours later, that one steer was exactly where DH wanted him. DH came up to the house for his gun and one bullet to do this as humanely as is possible with one close shot to the brain. The lady at the butcher shop was on the phone asking why the carcass was not there when DH came to put the gun away.

    DH went to start the backhoe. It wouldn't. One more hour wasted. Butcher lady on phone again. By 2 p.m. the animal was hanging by its back legs. DH sprayed it down with the hose, gutted it, skinned it, sprayed it again, split it and quartered it, then sprayed it one last time. Or so he thought.

    The butcher lady was on the phone with me yet again when I heard a loud crash. While hauling the last quarter onto the bed of DS's pickup, DH overshot the mark and shattered the truck's back window. There were pieces of window all over the inside of the truck, the truck bed, and--worst of all--all over the steer.

    We borrowed a neighbor's truck, sanitized its bed, lay down fresh plastic sheeting, re-sprayed the beef (checking carefully for any glass shards), and nestled the four quarters into the truck bed. Butcher lady was back on the phone to remind us that we had to go the long way around with a bridge out.

    Hubby said that everything went smoothly at the butcher shop
    --thank goodness.

    The meat will hang for 2 weeks at the butcher shop and then be cut to the specifications of our two customers who will get 1/4 each and our own for our half. DH is not a vindictive man, but he says that this animal will taste especially good.

    And that is how I "relaxed" today. (I witnessed all of the above from the house wearing slippers and pj's. But I did a lot of running to the phone. I also made sandwiches and tea for DH at 3 p.m. and dinner, too. Oh, and I did 3 loads of laundry.)

    Life on the farm is NOT serene.

    julieb8888 replied to bette_kaffitz's response:
    I completely had a few minutes of laughter at your husbands
    expense. I could visually imagine each event as you stated them. please tell him I am not laughing at him but all the crazy things that occurs on a ranch/farm while trying to accomplish a task without help.
    my husband is a farmer and has many (many!) humorous times while attempting to accomplish a task (done many times without problems) without help.
    sometimes we can laugh at these embarrassing times at a much later time in life. (most of the time I can laugh easily, however my husband takes these times a little more seriously)
    thanks for sharing, it brightened my day.
    bette_kaffitz replied to julieb8888's response:

    DH had such an interesting day that I think he invented some new words!

    He's a redhead with temper to match. He's invented a lot of words in the 46 years we've been married.

    You should have seen the fireworks with our roof. We put a new, steel roof on our house. One of the panels was particularly difficult with several tricky cuts and bends as two sections of roof met. Finally, that last, difficult panel was in place. DH was so proud of how perfectly he had fashioned it. It was worth all that hard work.

    The very next day, while working on the soffits, hubby backed the backhoe (yes, the same one) into the panel, skewing it just enough so that it is bent irregularly. Although it still holds water out, it no longer looks so perfect. One of these days, I know he'll remove that one piece and spend a whole day getting it just right--again.

    Another time DH retrieved some papers from my car and took them into his truck. He put the truck in reverse and backed right into my car. (My six day old car.)

    I didn't say a word.

    My halo is still on order.

    julieb8888 replied to bette_kaffitz's response:
    my husband watched our boys while I worked. so the boys learned some terrible language. the boys used these words in an appropriate setting to prove they were mad at something. my saving grace was that other people could not understand what they were saying. they had delayed speech(thank God)
    me and my daughters are the only ones that understood them.
    there was also a time when my husband (nelson) decided to check the cows on a 4 wheeler instead of his truck. well he found a new calf that was dead. the mama cow standing with calf. he decided to pick up calf and throw it over the atv seat in front of nelson. he took off with mad mama running close behind. he decided to jump over a small hill to escape mama cow. as he went airborn the atv died and he went straight down
    the mama cow jumped over nelson hitting him and knocking him off the atv. the mad mama ran away only to turn and get a running head start at nelson. she jumped over him hitting his knees and tearing his acl. he said she ran away only to get a running head start to hurt him again. by this time he was not very close to the atv so seeing his situation he started quickly crawling to the atv and frantically pulling the start pull cord over and over as she got closer and closer. it all worked out. he decided to push her calf off the atv., the atv started and he took off. she one this battle however he did come back with his truck to get the calf. that was a very long story to say that these farm tasks/events turn into extremely funny stories that were not funny at the time. he had to have his knee repaired but he will always remember to take the truck next time,
    I love hearing these farm daily happenings

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