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melpomene posted:
I'm new to the group. Just wanted to say hi. I have suffered years with Thyroid disease. After years of searching for answers and Drs. Telling me it was all in my head I recently Found out I have Fibromyalgia. I also found Out I am Gluten intolerant. I have always exercised and continue to do so. I take vitamins & supplements. I was low in Vitamin D & B. I take several others. I go to a chiropractor. I get a massage weekly. Saunas seem to help but are expensive. I am Trying to meditate regularly. It seems like a Full time job just to try and be healthy. I want to live not just survive! I'm frustrated.
missist responded:
Good Morning Melpomene. I am sorry for your frustration. It does sometimes seem like a full time job do deal with this--I agree. And sometimes very frustrating. Of course there are other times when it is not so bad, you go along in your day and don't feel it as much.

One thing I think-- maybe your health regimen is a little intense for you personally? Maybe rather than exercise and meditation as 'set appointments' you could just relax and take a walk in a pretty park or with a good friend sometimes? I used to go to the YMCA--there was one near us that had a sauna and whirpool and a warm tub--but that was in a different time and place--nothing like that here where I live. I think the Saunas for me were something I needed early on--when I was in just a great amount of pain. These days If I am faithful to take my gabapentin and my celebrex (which is really for arthritis --but many of us have Osteo arthritis I think--especially in neck area) I do not have that level of pain any more--so I am freed up from some of those things. I do have a hot tub that my Hubby built for me from a used insert. Its wonderful--but I find I don't need it daily as I did when I got it.

Key is de-stress. Get lots of hydration and make sure you sleep well and perhaps there is a med that might just up your game and give you a tool that does some of the work for you?

melpomene replied to missist's response:
Mary, Thank you for the reply. It is true I need to relax a bit. I have been working very hard on Finding answers to why I feel so bad. Pain and fatigue are my daily companions. I have to try and figure out how to live With this. I am at the point of trying anything And everything. I have picked up several Tools. Relaxing and being "soft" is not ones I have had much luck with. I hope to gain Support and knowledge from joining this group. Maybe I can help a little. As far as Meds I have tried several. None specific to FM.
Anon_10089 replied to melpomene's response:

Check out this website:

For some reason, for all the years I have had FM, I dismissed the idea that I had issues with trigger points. But I'm starting to think they are the root of many of my problems. The doctor on that site explains that many people can have trigger points, but FM is a pain AMPLIFIER.

For example, I have had a certain pain in my back since I was a kid. I get it when I walk. A normal life function. In recent years I have battled almost chronic headaches/migraines. I looked at a chart of trigger points and saw one that is in the spot on my back that hurts when I walk, but also refers pain up into the head, exactly where I have headaches!

Right now, I am getting acupuncture to address these trigger points. I read a couple studies that found acupuncture can help similarly to injections and it seems a lot less painful. But I seemed to have stumbled on a naturopath who knows what she's doing, too!

Please look at that website. There is a ton of information and resources.


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