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Happy Hump Day *****5/7/2014 *****
dollbug posted:
Happy Hump Day....MiMi in NC and the elections are over for now. It was sad that so little people turned out to vote. I guess this happens everywhere though. Either people are just too busy or don't really care who is put into office....and then they wonder why everything is in such a huge mess. I guess this tells the story. But I am glad that hopefully the telephone will settle down now.

Here is hoping each of you had a good peaceful and restful night...and I hope today will be a good day as well for all of us, with little to no pain.

Yesterday was a trying day for GS was a pistol....was NOT happy with anything at all. I told my DIL that he cried the most I have ever heard him. I think his gums must be giving his problems. And then to top this he did not get his naps in either. I do hope he slept good in the afternoon. Babies sure need their rest and some need more than others. His dad was one who had to have enough sleep. I was lucky as he figured this out at a very early age. He knew he had to go to bed early when school started since he had to get up so very early....since the school was located actually in another town close by. This has since all changed. The children now all go to local schools. Those were the days.

Welcome to the new members who have joined our support group here. I am sure that each of you will soon find something that will improve the way you feel each and every day. The more you do your own research about the wrath of the dragon, the easier it will get to learn how to cope better. Everything is a process though and it does take time and effort to find the right combination which will *fit* for you. So hang in there and learn all you can. What works for one may or may not help another. Only you can decide what works for you.

I am one of the FMers here who has learned how to control my FM pain by taking vitamins and supplements and doing other things as well. It took me a long time before I figured this out but with a bit of tweaking now....I have made it work. A good heating pad is my friend and I have found that this works sometimes when nothing else will. Stopain Spray is also a good tool to use, when pain just will not ease. A hot shower at night using lavender bath salts also helps me especially when I am so tired and hurting. (right before bedtime so that it can help to relax my body)

Vitamin D. This is my favorite tip and I think it is probably my most important one as well. Speak to your doctor about getting your Vitamin D level checked. Low Vitamin D can cause some people to have additional pain and it can also affect other illnesses as well.

I hope everyone can enjoy some of the natural Vitamin D today. Get out in the sunshine if you this also does the body good....remember to pace, pace and pace even more.

Have a good day.


missist responded:
Good Morning Mimi and All.. I am feeling somewhat more sunny this morning. Tired, but heading outside to do a little planting aftr my coffee here. It is lovely here this week all sunshine. Cool mornings but hot all day after. I have some plants I need to get in the ground and want to do it before it gets too hot.

I had my colon issue checked yesterday and turns out it is IBS again. Haven't had that in 20 years. But I am so glad it is not something worse. I guess when I was really sick with the fever it must have been some kind of flu/infection but somehow that must have kicked up the spastic colon thing I used to deal with. Anyhow it went away long ago, so I suppose it will again--hopefully. Another fibro 'gift'.

My depression is still kind of just hanging over me but not as bad. I'm not that sure the cymbalta is doing much--sort of hesitant to continue it. I only bought 2 weeks worth for starters becuase I know me--my pharmacist likes to hand me 90 day supplies of htings and then I find they either don't help me or I react to them. I now specify 2 weeks at a time only when I try a new drug. Cuts down on spendy meds I don't use and have to dispose of.

Hubby bought be a nice big rose bush that is sitting on my steps outside waiting to be planted next to the dock. I have a lot of smaller plants I need to plant to and a bed to clean up.

I've decided that this is my exercise---I need to do it gently of course but it uses all the muscle groups and makes me feel happy-- gardening. So why would I do anything else?

My thought too is if I don't use cymbalta I will try-- just to see how it goes-- Turmeric along with vitamins. I have heard very good things about it for pain and depression. I am very near to quitting getting RX meds --except for blood pressure and allergy & thyroid. The meds for fibro are disappointing at best it seems. They work a while --maybe-- but then don't. Gabapentin has been Ok for me-- makes sure I sleep good at least. The rest have all been rabbit trails leading to an empty hole-and super spendy too many of them.

I'm not 100% sure yet about the cymbalta (generic) I'm going to talk to hubby about it. He has become more supportive to me and I like that I can include him in decisions like this.

Well off I go to my best medicine--gardening on a South Carolina Spring Morning-- mocking bird singing my song.
rudyandirmouse responded:
Good middle of the work week everyone. I do hope that your day is going well and that you have been in a pain free, fibro issue free place.

Well it is again a beautiful morning. Gonna be hot. I just love to hear and read that word. Hot.. not cold, not warm, but hot. But I hear that since it's hotter still to the west of us we will have some thunder and rain soon. Not so happy with that.

My yesterday was busy. DH gave me a spending generous limit for things I wanted as Mother's Day and belated Anniversary gifts that I put off because of the April 15th tax bill. Our taxes were higher by 400 dollars than 1st projected by our tax prepare r.

Anyway knowing how much we had to pay out for the AC and tree trimming I knew I'd never reach the amount he offered. And honestly I really only wanted, not needed, a couple of things. And I hate to pay full price for anything any more, so it really would have put the ca-bash on what I would spend anyway.

Well anyway, I have wanted a new style of door wreath for quite awhile and have put off having one made. So I went and ordered a beautiful cloth, well not cloth, material, door wreath @ Hobby Lobby. Chose the style of bottom bow, spring and summer colors going into it and the little decoration flowers going around it. And, best of all, I love the fact I got the materials at half off. So a bargain. But I had to go to the bottom of the order list. It will be done in 2 weeks.

Then I went purse hunting. Honestly I tried to like other purse labels, I did. But when you think Micheal Kors it's gotta be a Micheal Kors purse. So I shopped until I had my neck traction appointment. 2 hrs. But unknown to me cause my cell phone wasn't working right, ( I was given a new one yesterday by Sprint ) DH went to KOHLS in the mall near his job and to the Kors store there and found a couple of Micheal Kors purses he thought I'd like. He came home from work and turned right around and drove me back up there to see them. What a sweetheart. And he knows me, he hit one of the two he liked for me dead on. So I got my purse and he bought me a wallet to go with it. I'm so lucky.

Let me tell you about the new phone. I really didn't want a new phone, but Sprint said take it. Cause I, and they, think my old phone or DH's phone number has been hacked. For what ever reason I can not call DH's cell phone. Not even if I had to save my life. It's got a block on it for just my number. You can see the little block sign. But, the really odd thing is that a guy called his phone Monday, using my phone number, and left a 3 second message: HI DAVE. DH is named Rudy.

Sprint just can't figure it all out so they gave me a new phone. HELLO Sprint Can you hear me? It's his phone with the block to my number, not my phone to his. And what we need is new phone numbers. Anyway Sprint is investigating it now and has a watch on my phone number calls and DH's, but until they figure out what's going on, it could take 3 days to 5 days, to see if the phone numbers have been hijacked, I can only text DH. Oh but he can call me. ??

MiMi, sorry your yesterday day was stressful.. when the little ones begin to teeth it can be rough on parents and care givers too. I have so been there. Hope he got a good night's sleep and that when you have him again it will be easier for you both.

My Dear Niece, 46, who was told she had stage 2 breast cancer, slow growing kind, in her right breast called a few minutes ago to tell me that her doctors, after an MRI, 3 days ago, of both breasts have seen something suspicious in 2 of her left breast lymphoid s. She was having both breasts removed on the 16th, just to be safe, and had been told only radiation would be the follow up before reconstructive surgery. Surgery is now being put off until they biopsy the lymphoid Friday. Will be calling the local churches so they can add her name, Betty Novach, to their prayer list. If you could keep her in your prayers it would be much appreciated.

Gentle hugs, Linda R
katmandulou responded:
Hello Everyone!

It's warm and sunny here, 67? and a little breeze. I'm heading out as soon as I finish this note. I realize I haven't been out in the sunshine since Sunday. I went to a meeting Monday and yoga class last night. I'm supposed to be working on more movement (walking) but, while I think about doing it, I haven't gotten out sat all.

Now, as to getting out of the house. I have no specific place in mind, just getting out. Perhaps I'll go to the nearby outlet mall. It's an outside place, I can do some window wishing, maybe buy something for DH's b-day (in July), which will be hidden in a pace safe enough for me to never find again. LOL

Mimi, the babies can be stubborn! They don't now that we know what;'s best,m and if they want to wail, they'll just do it. While he might need a nap, so might you! I hoe he outgrows this phase soon!

Mary, sorry about tour IBS. I was dx'ed with IBS a few years ago, and the meds made me SO sick. I still go through phases where I don't 'produce' every day, but my GI doc said what's normal for me is my normal. I was hoping to get another rose bush this year, but it might have to wait til the kitchen rebuild is done.

Linda, I've never seen a Michael kore handbag, maybe I'll stop into the store when I go to the outlets. My current bag is by Stone & Co., and it's coral. I get a lot of comments on it. I saw a friend who insisted on looking through it, I told her there was no $$ so it would be a waste of time. LOL Adding your niece to my prayers, poor thing, I hope the cancer was found early.

Five minutes and i'm heading out. I wish you all the best day you can possibly have,
mnjeepguy responded:
Good afternoon everyone. It is windy and the sun has just hidden in the clouds. We are supposed to get severe thunderstorms at abou9 all the way through tomorrow. There could be hail and tornadoes, but those threats are mainly south of here. The big lake keeps tornadoes away. It will be cold as well, but they are saying 64 for Saturday.

I am doing a bit better today now that my Gabapentin is back on track. I can tell when I am an hr. late for it. Going almost three days without screwed me up a bit. The pharmacy is normally superb. They apologized and they paid my co-pay when I picked it up today.

Work was good, just way too much crawling around on my hands and knees. I had to for about 6 of my 8 hr. day. It was at my own pace though, I am thankful for that. At the end I had two people get in my face thinking I had started something. I had not. They both rambled off some things and left. I followed them and with a smile, explaining how they were incorrect. I have dealt with these two since I started there in 93. Always drama with them and I know what to do, not a nice way to finish the day though.

I am home now though and made a tater tot hot dish for dinner. One son likes it the other does not. What we do in this case is not make them eat it, but they must make their own dinner. They must try things first, and he did. It's funny how they can sometimes like the individual contents but not the mixture sometimes.

To all, have a wonderful evening. Take care.

bette_kaffitz responded:
Hi all,

Another wonderful Spring day in WNY. And, boy, did we ever make use of it. Morning saw DH having the stitches out from that lump that was removed from his left hand 2 weeks ago. Everything went like it should. We even made it for our eye appointments downstairs on time. The lump was basal cell, and it was removed completely. Neither of us have any changes in our eyes. At 70 and 71, this is a big deal; so many of our friends and relatives get glaucoma or macreal degeneration at this age.

After the doctors, we split up with hubby going to the lumberyard and me to the library, grocery, and pharmacy. Wednesday is the day I fill our pill reminders, so it was time to get those that would run out next week.

Home with the groceries. DH helped me get them all in the house, and I put them away. Time to get a fresh ham roast in the oven. A little rest time, then the truck came to bring some cows to market. (Anyone who has bought beef lately knows that the market is up. Hopefully, they will bring enough to cover DH's spring planting costs for corn, reseeding pastures, fertilizer and other chemicals.)

Just as the guys got back in the house from loading the cows, a neighbor stopped to tell us some of the "teenage" cows were out of the pasture and heading towards the road. This has gotten to be a daily event. They think they're deer and jump over the barbed wire. Most of the time, they manage to knock the top wire loose in the process, too. So dinner was another hour later. I was just clearing the table at 9 o'clock. I'm tired.

Mary, sorry about the IBS coming back. I know how awful that can be. Either you are constantly worried about making it to a bathroom, or you are so blocked up that anything that does come out clangs as it hits the toilet bowl. The May issue of Reader's Digest has a 2-page spread on using fiber to manage your bowels. Basicly: The fiber in whole wheat, corn, and leafy vegetables speeds digestion and eases constipation. The fiber in oatmeal, beans, apples, strawberries, and blueberries slows things down and eases diarrhea.

Cory, I cannot imagine being on all fours. The last time I did it--for a physical therapy eval--I was sore in arms and legs for 3 weeks. You do this to support your family. You are their hero. Here's hoping that tomorrow lets you stand--or better yet sit--in order to do your job.

Hope you all get a restful night's sleep and find tomorrow a wonderful spring day full of hope.

katmandulou replied to bette_kaffitz's response:
Hi Bette:
I have to admit I laughed when I read about your "teenage" cows. They sound like "typical teenagers" who have to test everything!

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