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    New to forum and need help
    reddave51 posted:
    I have had fibro for about 10 years and I was managing to get along with it until the last year or so. I have the usual problems of fatigue, muscle pain, abdominal pain, IBS-C and headaches. The headaches are the one thing that causes me the main problem, they mainly start in the middle of the night but can start in the day. I am not sure how these are linked to Fibro, is it just the pain signals from the rest of the body going back to the brain?
    An advice on the headaches or other parts of having fibro would be very helpful.
    I am male and find it hard not to keep trying to fix things on cars, house and garden. I am trying to accept that I have to except that there are some limitations on how long I should work before stopping for a rest. Are there signs that I should stop working and have a rest or do I have to find a time limit which I should stop working even if I feel good at the time.
    missist responded:
    Hi Red Dave 51.. I haven't had fibro headaches in a good 20 years--hope they never come back. I think for me they were related to two things-- sinus and my neck. I suspect if yours start at night-- either or both of those could be the culprit.

    I use an allergy pill 1x day cetrizine. And also I use a steroid nasal spray-- flonase kind of thing.

    For the neck you need a pillow that works right for you and I also use a cervical collar-- has to fit right-- you put it on when you are relaxing or doing things around the house and your neck feels tired or weak or stressed. --for me-- I have arthritis/deg. discs in my neck so that is a part of my daily routine. Very common for fibro folks to also have some kind of arthritis & allergy--or to just maybe be more sensitive to those things than others?

    When I used to get headaches they were awful I used a combo 'buckshot approach' to get rid of them-- a pill cocktail I called-- 1 benadryl, 1 tylenol & 1 ibuprofen or excedrin would also help-- caffeine adds to it nicely. Then I'd go to bed.

    there is probabaly a better solution but I never found it.

    As for Pacing-- that is darn tricky. If you find an hour doing a thing is too much-- try 30 min. Use a timer and keep track of it-- you may find you actually are able to do more than you were thinking you could.

    I thought I would do about 5 or 10 min. in my garden one day and when I came in I"d actually spent half an hour!

    That was great--didn't have any pain later.

    Another time--I used the weed wacker for about the same amount of time and the pain a few hours was horrible.

    I think it was the vibration.

    If something is particularly painful--like right now I have a knee that is irking me-- avoid using that as best you can--- cuz the fast way to calm it down is to REST it.
    Use braces of whatever kind you can, heat, ice (if it doesn't hurt you)

    I sleep most nights in wrist guards for instance and always use them when I empty the washer & dryer or grocery shop.

    If something is wrong from the waist down I might use a cane in the evening or morning-- as needed.

    Another thing I do-- budget & prioritize your energy-- I prefer to use what I have on things that mean more to me. Spring time I"d rather use what I have to putter in my garden than to clean my bathrooms or vacuum or cook. so meals are either sandwich or grill.

    So that's some ideas.. hope it is useful.
    dollbug responded:
    Hello reddave and welcome. MiMi in NC. Our support group here has only a couple of men who actually post. Cory is one who has stuck it out here with us. I am sure he will provide you with some good info from a *male's view* of things. We use to have several men who were a part of this group but as time passed they decided to no longer post....perhaps they still lurk instead. It is good though to have you here. I am sure you will learn a lot about dealing with the *wrath of the dragon*. Personally I think that there are more men who suffer from this illness than has been reported.

    So you said you have had this for about 10 years....but you did not mention if you are taking any thing to help. You did indicate you have headaches. So have you tried taking magnesium malic yet? I use to have bad headaches as well. I think part of my headaches were from my neck issues....a few years ago I had cervical (neck) surgery. Do you take any vitamins and supplements at all? I tried several different medicines in the beginning when I first got sick....but did NOT find any which really helped me without causing side effects. So I ended up doing my own research and found that I can control my FM pain by taking vitamins and supplements and doing other things as well.

    It took me a long time before I figured out exactly what I needed but when I finally did, it helped me a lot. Upon doing research, I learned that sometimes lack of magnesium can cause a person to have headaches. You might also benefit with doing some research on whatever symptoms you are dealing with.

    Have you had your Vitamin D level checked yet? Low Vitamin D can cause some people to have additional pain and it can also affect other illnesses as well. It is a simple blood test BUT you must ASK the doctor to run it as it is not included in the normal bloodwork that the doctors do.

    I do think a lot of issues that we, FMers, deal with are indeed connected to FM. I have also read that the chronic fatigue and FM normally goes together as well. I have NOT been able to find anything which has helped me with the fatigue....I have been looking for a long time and I am still trying to find something which will work. The doctors I have talked to have told me that there is nothing that will help the fatigue....but I have a hard time believing this is the case.

    Learning how to pace, pace and pace even more is really important for us FMers. We have to SLOW down. Most of us have been use to doing anything and everything without stopping or having any issues.....UNTIL the wrath of the dragon entered. We no longer actually have a choice in what we are able to do unless we want to pay for what we try to do. I know that in the beginning I could NOT even believe this. But as time as passed I have learned a lot about FM and how to *beat the wrath of the dragon at its own game*. We also have to learn to keep our stress just as low as we possibly can. Stress goes hand in hand with FM.

    Drinking plenty of water helps me. Watching what I eat and keep a schedule of sorts is also important as well. Getting enough sleep is a must. I think a lot of us struggle with sleep issues. Perhaps taking a hot shower right before bedtime using lavender bath salts...which might help you sleep better. Using a heating pad might also help.

    One little trick that I have learned is that if you put the heating pad on the back of your seems to help the pain, no matter where your pain might be. I think this is due to the spinal issues we have.

    You might also try using Stopain Spray on places which will not quit hurting. (you can find this at walmart for just under $10 - it is good stuff).

    It does take time and effort for you to find the combination of tools which will work for you. One should allow at least 6-9 weeks of doing whatever you decide to try...before making a decision as to whether or not it is making a difference for you.

    Take care.


    mnjeepguy responded:
    Hi Dave. Welcome to a wonderful place with great caring people. There is a lot of help here as you can see from the other posts. I deal with fibro symptoms but have not been diagnosed. This could be due to my age of only 39, being male, and not having some of the symptoms most common like headaches or sleep problems. I am treated for fibro though and will help if I can.

    I used to do it all, go nonstop all day long and never sit still I had to change drastically in the last 5 years or so. My body can't do that anymore. It can be depressing but we have to accept it and move forward. I like tinkering and doing all my own work on my cars and home, but I spread it out over a longer time than before. I still love doing all of that stuff too.

    Be realistic about what you can do. If you wait for a sign you went way over the line already. You have to find the balance. I am still working on this myself. Take frequent breaks form a project. This will allow your brain to unplug so you can asses how you feel. When focused on a task I forget how I feel until I stop. Acceptance our limitations can be the hardest for a man dealing with this, I think.

    I still work full time but it's not easy. I did shift work for 20 years, that would be very hard now. I am lucky to work days currently. I try to save most projects for Saturday and not try to do too much after work through the week. Try to take it easy Sunday, or what ever day before your week starts, to relax a recharge. This helps me conserve to get through the work week. Don't load up your weekends to full either will ruin the next round before it starts.

    I hope I am not rambling, stick around. The good people of this forum are the best support I have dealing with this.

    Take care

    booch007 responded:
    Good morning ,
    I didn't read all the posts from the fmily, I just wanted to say thoughts for why I get my "head like glass" are that I did things over my head. A push or pull action that is using the neck area will start this and it is during the night that it happens, so painful...

    Dr Pellegrino here had a post on this " arms stay home" look up to the right for past discussions and put in Dr Pellegrino in the box. He has many posts but each was so valuable.

    Glad that Cory chimed in as he is working similar to you.

    My tool for this is a hot pak to the back of the neck with Motrin and a muscle relaxant. Good luck. Can you go for a few massages (even in a nail place) to loosen up those back muscles. They might have had just enough at this point and at triggering this.

    All my best, Nancy B

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