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    Saturday *****5/17/2014 *****
    dollbug posted:
    Morning FMily.....OMG....this weather is something else. It is a *cool* springtime morning. Well, it is definitely a change I think it is supposed to be nice temps today.....which is good for us. We are hoping to get the majority of the back deck done at my DD. Her furbabies are getting a bit confused about all of the changes. Furbabies do not like change. They are older dogs and have been around a long time. Funny how dogs can get use to things just like humans. Although I think we all know that sometimes change is good.

    Here is hoping each of you had a good week and that today will be a good day for us all with little to no pain. I think this is what we all hope for from day to day.

    Welcome to the new members who have joined our support group recently. I am sure that each of you will soon find some good *tools* that will hopefully make a real good difference in your journey each day of dealing with the wrath of the dragon, aka FM.

    Try different *tools* as you learn what others have found that has helped make a difference for them. You never know what just might work for you. Learn all you can about the ugly and mean illness. There are NO magic pills or overnight fixes. Anything and everything takes a process. A person should allow at least 6-8 weeks of doing whatever they decide to do before making a decision as to whether or not it is working. (unless, of course whatever you are doing is making you sicker than you were to begin with).

    Vitamins and supplements just might be a good answer for some. I know that it has certainly worked for me, along with doing other things as well. I have just recently changed my Omegas, back to Salomon oil. I took these before and I remembered them working well. Dr. Oz says that Mega Red is better. I am sure it probably is better for some people...but I decided it was NOT for me. I am hoping changing back will help me. I guess with time I will know.

    Some people might not think that vitamins and supplements can make a difference. I know also that they are NOT all the same. You have to figure out what just might be the ones for you. Sometimes it pays to switch to see IF it makes a difference.

    Have a good day.....remember to pace, pace and pace even more. It does the body good. Enjoy some of the natural Vitamin D, is you have a chance.


    booch007 responded:
    Morning Mimi and Fmily,

    You know Mimi I usually don't finish your whole post as you are guiding the newbies in most of it. But TODAY I read all your lines. Great post!! You said it so well. The waiting and patience with a lifestyle change or med change is priceless.

    We are so conditioned for an easy fix, and we sure know there is no easy anything with us.

    Strength and persistance seems to be what you need. A dash of patience (well maybe more than that) with a 1/4 cup of humor can help so much too.


    I had a better week this week. I am CNS (clinical specialist) for our Urologist in the process of Columbia's computer system and he is doing so well, Hoping to use the whole program this week and then let him fly solo. So I am doing better.(no fires to put out)

    Have to share that I have not been sleeping, thinking the office issues were following me. Always ending in the bathroom to void. Twice to three times in the night. WELL have I got a story to share.....

    I went to the bathroom at work and decided to do a "post void residual" PVR, it is done to see if people empty their bladders. Prostate issues can have you holding so can a weak bladder....
    WELL I had 5 oz's residual ! Should be 2 tsp. So being in urology now helping, I pulled him aside and we began speaking. Going through my meds, I soma for my muscles? (No that is skeletal muscle action) ok what else do I take.......ready...My one B/P pill "labetalol" I know is special in it doesn't lower heart rate as mine is 52-60 all the time. It is called a Beta 1. Beta 2's lower heart rate (toprol, lopresser) so I DIDN'T Know it was also an ALPHA 1.......this is smooth muscle action and can get the bladder.....

    CRAP. It was slow in onset. probably started holding a tsp extra and then next day same and it has added to annoying the crap out of me! I get up to pee all the time.

    So we are weaning my meds and trying others. Keeping an eye on the pressure cooker that I am in the face of the stress I face. 180/100 the other day after the manager had a blow out with someone......such bad chemistry and negative aura around at times.

    I couldn't be in a better place for monitoring, even home I have a great cuff with steth attached. But the transition between any meds is a sticky place to be.

    So I had to share the bladder story. As we age you think "ok this is me...." well no. You really have to tell the docs the changes you are dealing with, as they might not BE YOURS...they may be MADE by what we are doing.

    Never to old to learn.

    Today Olivia has first recital on a High School stage!

    In Pink Tutu*

    Lol...I am so excited to see her. I am bringing pink roses for my little ballerina. Life has changed so much since they were born. Maybe there was an air of depression back then. When the kids are grown and on their own feel like "what is my purpose?"

    All I had was work and that pain with dysfunction. I look back and am so glad I didn't leave as planned. I tear at times when i think what I would have lost out on, let alone that I am feeling so much better with the right meds and hydration, vitamins. Learning of Vit D and seeing how low it was. CRAP. What a path this has been.

    I also see as I look back that my focus left thinking of the dragon we are draggin around with us, to the many things in life that distract me now.

    I still hold back and don't enter all the activities as I am so fearful to "run out of gas" in public or start to feel I crossed the line. So still dealing with this. But good week, life is OK again right now.

    Hugs to all, Nancy B
    missist replied to booch007's response:
    Good Morning to Mimi, Nancy & all to follow. It is cold here in SC this morning. I slept in sunroom as I'm dealing with this cold the grands gave me and don't want to make Hubby ill--but also its easier to sleep sitting up sometimes. I woke amazed that it was cold in here! temp in the 40s! What?

    There was steam on the water in our little lake, since the air is cooler than the water.

    I am adjusting to so much lately, not sure how I will know what is working or not working. I am still using the cymbalta which is new and the turmeric and my neuro upped the gabapentin to 1800mg so I'm taking that 3 times a day now and it is making me drowsy--but then so is the cold I have. I could not sit up well this morning so I am having my coffee in the recliner with an afghan across my sore legs. My knees had been almost better but I think in the night they got worse again. Not sure if that is sleeping in recliner and on couch or the cold weather.

    It will warm up soon, and I do hope to go out and do a little more planting as I need to get the plants in before we go to Florida Friday.

    My grands are coming this evening for a sleep over. We haven't done that in a long while. But I do babysit them during the week. It is nice that hubby gets time with them too.

    I think---if I did not have plans today I could sleep all day. That probably wouldn't be good for me--but it sure is tempting.

    I probably will take a short nap though before I get going. My coffee does not seem to have done much to wake me up.

    Nancy--- I hold back a lot myself I am sure we all do. I don't know that this is a bad idea really as we do 'over do' and cross that line as you know. I admire you that you are working --and as a nurse--that is a taxing job! I am pushing to do daycare for the grands so much, it is a labor of love---but still a labor. I think we have to balance don't we? I mean if you do one thing you choose maybe not to do others so you will still be able to do that one.

    Mimi--hope you are able to get your project at your daughter's finished this weekend! We often have projects here, most weekends really but this weekend none, so grands will be here.

    I don't usually do much when we have projects-just maybe watch the grands or cook for everyone. My 'help' is not needed when everyone else is stronger and more energetic.

    I am the gardener though-- and as such have work left to do. Its good it turned cool as it was hard for me to work with the heat coming down all around. this is a Godsend! Although I'm more sore than I'd like.

    Well watching the birds on my side deck beneath the feeder. Beautiful morning even if it is oddly cool!

    Love you all!
    rudyandirmouse responded:
    Good Saturday MiMi, Nancy and Mary and to all that follow. Wishing each of you a good fibro issue and pain free day.

    It's a March day again here. Cold, dark clouds and rainy. I so wish Mother Nature would make up her mind. For a few days it's spring, then a day or two summer like, then it's back to March. Off with the sweaters then back on. For someone like me who has been waiting to enjoy being out doors in the warm sunshine, this is getting to be beyond annoying.

    Speaking of being out of doors. DH and I plan to attend an out of doors Revival being given by our DD's nondenominational church this afternoon. Their guest speaker is Evangelist Angus Buchan from South Africa. I have attended his other 3 presentations and have come away each time with such good feelings. So am really looking forward to this afternoon's event. They are expecting 5000 plus for each of his 3 services. They are setting up 5000 chairs out on the side lawn and have asked that we bring our own lawn chairs in case it's over flow to the back lawn. Don't want to see him from that far back so I plan to be there early, but with chairs in hand just in case. I hope the rain has moved on long before the time it starts. If it does rain they will move it indoors. The church is really big and I know it can sit thousands, but 5000 plus,not sure.

    Stayed in yesterday as my IBS symptoms have been over the top the past few days. I wish I could have picked up the scripts my Gastrologist sent in that might have helped but the cost of them were just unreal. But ya know this new guy just doesn't seem to listen to me. Gave me 4 minutes tops and was gone. So I put in a call to my old Gastrologist and will see him Monday afternoon. I know him and he knows me and he really cares about me. I KNOW that he will be listening when I run past the things that are so " off " with me lately. I am hopeful that he can up the month for my colonoscopy and endoscopy so I can rule things out or in now. I really understand what's going on and really need to get this under control.

    Speaking of getting medical things under control. Nancy Thank You for your informative post. I too have a racing heart rate ( caused by, they say, PN ) and I was going to ask my heart doctor next month about going onto a medication to bring my heart rate more in line to what it should be. After reading your post I know now to ask about side effect of any medication they offer me. And also asked about what it may do to in the way of holding water in my bladder. I would not have known to ask if it had not been for your post. Again, Thanks for sharing.

    Speaking of helping. You are so right about MiMi. Her posts are so wonderful. The top half to those of us who visit regularly and the bottom to the ' newbies' and how wonder both halves are! I do read the full post and each day I find a new piece of information that is helpful to even a " Golden Oldie " like myself. Her posts are interesting, insightful, uplifting, helpful and caring. An amazing lady who listens, takes the time to answer post and always is upbeat and understanding.

    We are beyond lucky to have her.

    I really need to get up from here and get the day going. On a dreary morning like this that's going to be tough to do however.
    Wishing each of you a wonderful day.
    Gentle hugs to all, Linda R
    booch007 replied to rudyandirmouse's response:
    Good Morning Linda,

    I just want to mention that Labetalol is always used for HTN (high b/p). It was something I never thought to retain in my head that it had Alpha 1 properties. The beta part is the one in cardiology we pay attention to.

    Lopressor, Toprol, Atenolol, these are all betablockers that block beta 1 & 2 only and that decreases heart rate. It also lowers pressure with smooth muscle relaxation in the vessels. There are no bladder side effects.

    May I say the cardiologist I see raised an eyebrow and wasn't on board......BUT I slept ALL NIGHT once so far and last night up early after drinking alot of water, then all night and so much better in the day.

    It is crazy...I did think it was me. I even had leakage after voiding that I put a pad on for. Quietly dealing with "what I thought was the NEW ME".

    Good luck, I just wanted you to know this is the only med besides the actual pure alpha 1 meds that will do this. sneaky stuff.........

    Nancy B

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