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Monday, Monday******5/19/2014 ******
dollbug posted:
Morning FMily. MiMi in NC where it is again chilly today. It is supposed to be nice though. Here is hoping each of you had a good Sunday....and I hope we all have a good day this Monday....with little to no pain. DH and I rested yesterday. He decided not to do any work on the deck. I think Saturday was a tough day for us both.

Fixed a simple lunch....since I was too tired to do any major grocery shopping. We had hot dogs, fries and baked beans. It was good to have everyone here. My older son had a nice vacation. My GD did NOT want to leave. (this happens every time).

Welcome to the new members who have joined our support group. I am sure that each of you will soon find something that will help you cope better. I have found that the more you learn about the wrath of the dragon, the easier it gets to deal with it. There are all sorts of good tools that one can try. Be sure and check out the info here under *tips* and *resources* and review the *member toolbox* as well. I know that I use a heating pad as needed which seems to be a good thing for me. Something about the neck area being warmed helps the pain to ease.

Vitamin D. Again I keep including this *important issue*....I think this above anything else is a good thing for everyone to do...Speak to your doctor about getting the Vitamin D level checked. It seems like a lot of people have low Vitamin D. Even my little GS who is just about 6 months old takes infant Vitamin D.

Remember to pace, pace and pace even more.

Enjoy some sunshine today if you have a chance. It does make the body feel better.



katmandulou responded:
Monday, so good to me"026 I hope everyone had a good weekend!

It's 65 here and cloudy, The Weather Channel says there's sun here. LOL I'll head out to do errands after lunch.

it was a busy weekend. One of my brothers turned 50 last week, and his GF gave him a surprise party. He was truly surprised! Not a whole lot of people, the food was good, She made it a point to tell me that even tho it was an Italian meal (spaghetti & meatballs) she asked for no cheese (bc or my allergy). How sweet!

Yesterday was one of my nephew's b-day party; he turned 12 last week. He's a very sweet boy, got a little embarrassed by a pic of him at 2 yrs old I put on FB. LOL Aunties have the right to do that kind of stuff! Too many times we've had his parties in the garage because of rain; it stayed sunny most of the afternoon, and it didn't rain at all. It was also Dad's b-day, the first one since he passed. Thank you, Dad for the good weather!

I meet worth the kitchen designer from Lowe's later tis week. I want an idea of what it will cost to build the kitchen I want' Still waiting to hear what the insurance co will give us. We know there are a few things we'll have to pay for: plumbing issues, extra cabinets, etc. I want tho over!

So many posts from newcomers, people who think they have FM and are waiting for their dx or they've just been dx'ed. Stop in, say hi, see what we're talking about.

Almost lunchtime, I think there are some leftovers in the fridge. I with you all the best day you can possibly have!
rudyandirmouse responded:
Good Monday MiMi, Lou and to all that follow. I hope you all had a very nice weekend and that the weather was good enough for you to be able to be out of door to enjoy it.

Am going to try to make this a very quick note. Have company coming this afternoon and want to tidy up and I'm going to need all the time I can to do it as I feel so tired and run down today.

It's is a nice 75 here today. A few white puffy clouds here and there that block the sun every so often,but over all, a very nice day. Our cat is sitting on the back screened in porch watching birds build a nest in one of our ferns. She's happy. The dog, just as happy, is in here with me enjoying the nice day from an opened back door. All is well with the world. Well until tomorrow and the next day when it cranks the temps back up to the mid to high eighties.

And when the days get hot everyone enjoys a nice shade tree in their yard to sit under. Well that won't be us this summer as DH spent all of his yesterday cutting down the last tree in our back yard. He had to build a scaffolding to get up high enough to get up to the top of it, then work his way back down the tree. He started this project at 11 a.m. and was done near 6. The yard does look less park like now with it gone but I suppose since I always worried that it would come down on the house in a bad storm it's best to have it gone than the house.

Got some of the blood work results back Friday that I took last week for my Rheumy and my Thyroid's numbers are 3.75 up from the 3.50 in the normal range. So it's under active. Could be one reason I haven't felt all that well lately. Am waiting for a text back from my Rheumy on what I can do about it. I don't want to just sit back and let them watch it. I'd like to have something to bring in back into the normal range. Well see.

Lou, so glad your kitchen is getting going. I hope that your insurance will cover most, if not all, of what you want as a replacement kitchen. Lowes has some nice kitchen things. I always go to their catalogs because they only have so many vendor's stuff up.

MiMi, sounds as though your easy Sunday was a very nice one. Hope you are feeling a bit better today energy wise.

Cory, hope your back is better and your Sunday with family sounded very nice. Also hope your weather is warming up more each day.

Nancy, hope by today your neck is feeling much better.
katmandulou replied to rudyandirmouse's response:
It's so funny - both Lowe's and Home Depot sell Kraft Made cabinets, and I picked up both of their KM catalogs, wondering the difference. They have the exact same cabinets with different names! It made me laugh, that way you can't compare them easily. I'm glad I'm smarter than they are! HA HA!
mnjeepguy responded:
Good afternoon everyone. I ended up going to work this morning after all. I was not very optimistic that I would make it through the day but I did. Once home I took a hot bath and that seemed to help a little.

Mimi, my back and I have a long history that started at 19 or so when I hurt it moving something too heavy. Ever since then I have had issues off and on. It used to pull so bad I could barely move but I would fully recover. Now it hurts every day but not as severe. Oddly, except for the first time, I have not injured it during a task. It is always after I sit for a while or the next day that it will go out on me. I am sure my job and other things contribute to it. I stopped a lot of aggravators like snowmobiling and working in carpentry aside from my regular job. I am also incredibly stubborn and don't ask or wait for help as often as I should. In those 20 years I have dealt with it I have had x-rays, nothing more. I am honestly afraid of what an MRI might show. They will not do one unless my nerves are severely pinched.

It is cool and damp here. We are supposed to get thunder storms this afternoon and tonight. They have a flood watch but where I live it is not an issue. Only in low areas and near streams.

Mimi, sounds like you had a nice lunch. It's important to have family traditions.

Lou, sounds like lots of parties! It's fun embarrassing a pre-teen.

Rudi, thanks for the thoughts.

Have a good night everyone.


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