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Tell me about your "Fibro Fog"
brokenmom2 posted:
Since I have been newly diagnosed, I am trying to sort out my symptoms as to which are from the Fibro, and which are not. If that is actually possible to do!

anyway- I'd like to hear more about this "Fibro Fog" : tell me what it feels like to you.

I have suffered headaches for a long time- eventually diagnosed with cluster headaches, but also describe mine as "sinus" and "migraine". So after a weekend of headaches and fatigue (overdid it planting flowers), I just want to figure out if this is another symptom of the FM or not.
missist responded:
Hi--for me fibro fog effects my memory alot and ability to get myself organized and on track. Also I have a hard time handling alot of noise or confusion-- parties-- too much commotion.
I can get lost driving a familiar road, sort of like a form of A.D.D.

Headaches like you describe can be fibro too--I had them too for a while, haven't in recent years.

dawncostella responded:
My fibro fog is when I can't think of words and I slur my words sometimes also. I also have headaches and have found they are just part of fibro.

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