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Not Enough 'spoons' .. Sad.
missist posted:
I'm pretty bummed just now. I have had a couple of folks contact me for wedding work---even though I closed my etsy shop--I forgot I had some designs in a different venue and I had a customer who had bookmarked a design too from etsy. So I did agree to couple of orders the past few weeks.

Here is the thing--I am handling babysitting ok. Im doing 5 days a week as I agreed to 'try' to do for my daughter. She truly can't afford anyone else to sit. So I had 'heroically' offered to try... LOL

Well now I am having a little pity party I guess cuz when i'm done sitting for the day--I"m just plain TOTALLY done. The rest of the evening is recliner--no drawing or reading anything but short posts online and I watch 'deep' tv shows like re-runs of 'drop dead diva' to pass the time.

THAT is fatigue.

No idea why I'm sharing this.. maybe just want to whine a bit.

missist responded:
Prayer to Overcome Self-Pity... This is my own answer to my own complaint.

Lord give me the wisdom to change my outlook and not feel sorry for myself. Help me be the happy grandma I want to be for the little ones. Help me realize how much more valuable my time spent caring for them is than my time spent drawing. Help me also to realize that I CAN indeed find a way to enjoy some other things just by making little changes in the way I do things--and getting help with a few things that take more of me than I have.

Thank you for this support group and for all the tools you have provided that help me with pain, and that I am still able to do something useful inspite of how I feel.
katmandulou responded:
Hi Mary:
It's ok to whine now and again. Sometimes we have to err on the side of self-preservation. I can knit without looking at it, and that;s one of my ways of coping.

I'm dealing with a demolished kitchen (with no rebuild on the horizon) and no work. If I come to your pity party, will there be cake?
missist replied to katmandulou's response:
whine and cheese Lou.
and maybe some cake too..

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