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So tired
peace32 posted:
This is kind of a new diagnoses for me. The pain I'm managing with the help of medication but I'm so tired all the time. I work full time as a Foster care case worker but it's starting to get hard with the fatigue.
missist responded:
Peace32 Hi I wrote about the same thing last night under a post I called not enough spoons.

It just seems like this is life to me too--- I live half a day the rest of it I rest.

I don't think any of us have ever figured out exactly what works to get rid of fatigue rest helps a little ---to get some energy the next day but it goes again.

Exercise--very gentle and not much of it-- in short bursts throughout the day-seems to me to be the best for strength and that is good--- helps me walk better etc.. but it doesn't give lasting relief from fatigue either---although you get some.

So I"m not being helpful I guess.. but commiserating with you.

I try to comfort myself in this by believing that if there is something God wants me to have strength enough to do---He will answer my prayers and make a way.
peace32 replied to missist's response:
This is the first support group I've done and it is really helping. Thank you so much for just understanding.

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