TGIF******5/23/2014 ******Roll Call******Memorial Day Holiday. .
dollbug posted:

TGIF*****MiMi in NC. Well, we are approaching the end of May. I am glad this is a long week-end....Can you believe that this month is almost gone? It has indeed been an interesting spring, to say the very least. I guess summer might be a surprise as well. I do hope it is not going to be as hot of a summer as we had the cold winter. If we do, then I am sure we will welcome the cooler weather again.

Here is hoping each of you had a good night's rest and I hope we all have a good Friday, with little to no pain. I have to admit I slept better last night than I have for a while. I changed my Omega back to the Salmon. I have to wonder IF this has made a difference. I hope so.

I am still dealing with allergies though. I had hoped this would have been better by now.

Welcome to the new members who have joined our support group. I am sure that each of you will soon find something that will make a difference in the way you deal with the wrath of the dragon, aka FM.

It does take time and effort to find the *just right combination* which will make a hang in here and learn what others have found that has helped them. You never know what might help you either until you have tried it.

Vitamin D....again I include this for those of you who have not gotten this checked yet. Low Vitamin D can cause additional pain and it can also affect other illnesses as well. So be sure and speak to your doctor about getting this done.

Have a good week-end....remember the military people who help protect our country as well.

For those who are traveling, I hope you have a safe trip.



rudyandirmouse responded:
Good Friday one and all. Hi MiMi.... and hello to all those that will follow.

It's going to be in the mid 80's today. Thunderstorms due in late afternoon. More a summer day than a spring one. I wish we'd had some weeks with spring temps and sunny days instead of just a day here and there. It was always colder than it should have been and over cast so many days. It's a shame, as we've had March weather all throughout spring, even up to last week, and now it's getting hot and muggy. Just not fair after having to deal with the coldest extended winter Middle TN has had in 40 years and now going right into muggy, hot, summer. And no place does muggy summer quite like Middle TN

Not a whole lot planed for my day. Gotta stop at the nail spa and get a broken nail fixed. My neck adjustment appointment is at 1:45 and then I go onto the Chiropractor's for a back adjustment. I would pass on the chiropractor today but with me having mild scoliosis I really need to go each month to keep the curve to a minimum. In all the years since the DX,40 years ago, I've not had the spine curve any more than it had when I saw those 1st sets of X Rays. It looked scary seeing my spine at a curve at the hips. So much so I make sure I go once a month, when possible, just to keep it where it is.

I heard from angelswife and she and her DH have moved out of Connecticut and have settled into a nice place in Pennsylvanian for the summer. She and her DH are looking for somewhere, some state, that they can call home long term. She is feeling well. Her Fibro's in check now, mild to bad flares on and off though. She's been under a lot of stress this spring and has been dealing with one medical thing after another. Hoping the move to warmer places helps her feel better. I am wishing her well on her travels and I'm sure she'll be back on site here when she settles in and gets her online service connected. She wishes everyone well.

MiMi, isn't it always the with the little ones. When I used to watch my GC I used to worry that they were missing much needed baby sleep when they'd nap for just minutes. And it was hard on me as I'd have no recovery time to do what I needed to do, around the house, if I weren't watching a little one. And I'd be the one at the end of the day that needed a long nap!

Lou, I hope today is going well for you. I hope that all the news you get on the kitchen is good and that work starts quickly on the kitchen. Wishing you such a good day.

Cory, glad your yesterday was good and I hope that today is even better. I also hope your weather temps continue to climb and that warm and sunny days find you!

Running out of characters here so will close this off. Wishing each of you a fibro issue and pain free day.

Gentle hugs, Linda R

mnjeepguy responded:
Good evening everyone. It was a beautiful day here. I was not able to leave work early after the week I had but it was a good quiet day. Many of my department were off today or left early. I had some joint pain today but nothing too bad. The back is still holding up.

Tomorrow we have to get up very early to head for the cities. I don't mind. Most of the traffic will be headed up this way and we are going the other, so I am not too worried about the roads. It will be about a two and a half hour drive. Not too bad after going cross country recently. It should be a great time. We don't get out of town with the boys often enough. We are looking forward to it.

Here it is almost June. I think after the long winter summer is going to go by way too quickly. I hope I'm wrong and it hangs on for dear life late this year.

I will be back Sunday to check in. Have a great weekend everyone.