An_257381 posted:
Yes I have recently been diagnosed with fibromyalgia and I am scared not knowing alot about this disease or diagnosis. I am on alot of Vitamin D plus meds for migraines , muscle relaxer and also a sleeping pill. I wake up with rashes and itching. I am so tired but I can't sleep. Does this usually happen with fibromyalgia?
booch007 responded:
Dear Anon:

Rashes seen in the morning with itching....I have a red flag that you may be allergic to that sleeping med choice. There are so many.....let the doctor know.

You haven't changed the laundry detergent that the sheets would bother you? right? Betting the pill is the first of non fits that you'll have.

It seems when we get the diagnosis FM it seems we then are like from mars* lol, things either aren't working for us, or we react to things that everyone else is fine with. The doses we need are so much smaller than others. It's like we become sensitive to things.

Pleae take a look to the left in resources for the Members Toolbox. Many ideas and tricks that the people on the board used to get better.

Up to the right in discussions, place in the search box Dr Pelligino and read some of the wonderful posts he placed while he was here. P R I C E L E S S.

I also recommend a book called FM and Chronic Myofascial Pain, a survival manual; by Dr Devin Starlanyl. I got mine on

The first book gives you such an overview of the issues and some of her tools to help yourself. The second is a bit more if you use Trigger Point injections for therapy. The advocate is a book to use for other physicians (like a dentist) that doesn't understand the issues you face.

OK, so check back with that doctor and tell them of the rash and itching. You must be exhausted as how can you sleep in a reaction............

Hugs, Nancy B