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peace32 posted:
Hi all! Have a question. Has anyone had fibromyalgia increase a resting heart rate? Mine is sitting between 115 to 120. I'm not sure if it could have something to do with the fibromyalgia or if it's something completely different?
rudyandirmouse responded:
Hello peace32,. I have a heart rate that is fast. Just last week I was told that the heart going faster was due to fibro and PN. But having said that I have also been told it's because of medications I take for fibro symptoms. I've been told it's because I just get nervous when at doctor's offices and its because of that my adrenalin rushes. And I've been told it's because of anxiety. So I can't tell you for sure it's fibro. But I am sure it's fibro related in some way.

I'd talk to a heart doctor. Get all the tests needed to rule one thing in and others out, like I've had to do, and see what they tell you about your fast heart pulse. A fast heart rate needs to be checked and you really need to have a heart doctor watching you.

I know that I wasn't too much help, but I thought I'd pipe in and let you know getting your heart checked out by a heart doctor is the only way to know for sure what is causing your heart to got faster than normal.

Gentle hugs, Linda R
dawncostella responded:
Yes!! My heart rate resting runs about 120 and it goes up pretty high all the time. I am on meds but it still runs high. My doctor says it's the pain I am in that keeps it high. They did all the tests and nothing was wrong with my heart.
mballa321 responded:
I previously had a normal heart rate. Since being diagnosed with Fibromyalgia and being put on mediations my heart rate rapidly increased to around 110. The doctor thought it was due to medications. I had a left and right heart cath competed to rule out any problems and everything checked out. I have since stopped taking the medications. My heart rate has decreased to around 90-100 but has yet to go back done to the 70 it was before. Therefore I relate it a combination of medical diagnosis as well as medication. I don't know if this helped you or not, but rest assured that a fast heartbeat does not necessarily mean that you have something to worry about.

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