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    Tuesday *****5/27/2014 *****
    dollbug posted:
    Morning FMily....MiMi in NC and when there is a holiday it seems like I get confused about what day it is. Not everyone got Memorial Day off which is still kind of confusing as well. I use to work in a bank and then worked in a loan servicing company which also went by the holidays which federal government takes. DH did not get the same holidays that I got so it was also confusing then for me to keep up with when he was off or not.

    Anyway, I hope everyone had a good Monday and I hope you were at least able to remember those who have served or are serving our country. I heard on the news, where they actually had a break down of just over a million people who gave their life serving our country in the different wars. This is a lot of people lost over the years.

    I had a friend who fought in the Vietnam War and returned home and then got killed. He was a young man who attended a military academy in the small town I lived in. Some of these young people had just a few days before getting killed.

    So much going on around the world. I know that a lot of us deal with a lot but when I think and read about everything else going on then I know that things indeed could be so much worse than they are. I am thankful that it is what it is and nothing more.

    It is hard to believe that June is just around the corner and summer will soon be here. It has seemed like summer has already arrived with some of the high temps that we had have already. I sure hope that the summer is not as hot as the winter was cold. It so, then we will all be looking for fall weather to get here soon.

    Schools will not be over here until the middle of June. I bought some *work books* for my GC. When my children were out for summer, they always had some sort of *work to do* just to keep them thinking and learning. I think this is where I earned the *mean mama* name. They also had a lot of fun things to do as well, but I think it helped them to keep doing some sort of learning activity. Now they have these little *work books* of numbers, abc's and puzzle like things to do. Children do get bored really fast, if they do not have something to help keep them busy. My older son loves to read and he read a lot during the summer months as well.

    Welcome to the new members who have joined our support group recently. I am sure that each of you will soon find something which will indeed improve the way you feel. It does take time and effort to find the *right combination of tools* that will make a difference. What works for one may or may not work for you. Only you will know when you have found what helps you. So hang in there and learn all you can about what others have found that has helped them cope better.

    If you are a new FMer and have a lot of questions about dealing with this illness....a good thing to do is to keep a daily journal of your activities, pain level and what is going on in your life. (any medicines that you take and when you take them) Hopefully you will soon see some sort of *pattern* which just might help you figure out what is going on with how you feel. This might also help the doctor to understand better what you are dealing with as well.

    Drinking lots of water might also make a difference in the way you feel. Watching what you eat and learning how to pace, pace and pace even more is a good thing to do as well. Perhaps this sounds rather *easy*....but it can be quite a chore to learn how to *read what your body is telling you*. Everything is a process in coping better with the wrath of the dragon, aka FM.

    Vitamin D. Yes....I continue to include this in most of my posts. Low Vitamin D can cause some people to have additional pain and it can also affect other illnesses as well. Be sure and speak to your doctor about getting this checked.

    That's my story and I'm sticking to it.

    Have a good day and do try to enjoy some sunshine, if you can.

    Sun make help the body to feel better. (natural Vitamin D)


    katmandulou responded:
    Happy Tuesday!

    Warm here in southeastern New England, 77 now but it will get cold later, predicted 54 at 11 tonight. Ahh, Mother Nature is really messing with us, isn't she?

    I have someone coming in a few minutes to discuss the kitchen, measure and give me a quote. I thought I was doing well talking to Lowe's - they charge you for the estimate! I should have known, since they charge thou for a carpet sample. I'll callHome Depot (where the people were friendly) and a couple contractors friends recommended. I'm starting to wonder if I'll have a new kitchen before the holidays!

    Yes, I've has trouble sleeping, I'm aching all over. I'd love to get a good night's sleep, bunt I fear that won't happen for awhile. I'm taking my meds, and I've added magnesium. I figure it will take time before the whole affect kicks in. I'm also knitting again, it's something productive, and I'm just plowing through my list of things to knit. I have yarn upstairs that has patterns attached to to, so I have a plan!

    Dh is working from home today, he'll wrangle the dog, while I talk to the contractor. I think the poor guy just pulled in, see you all later!

    Wishing you all the best day you can possibly have,
    dollbug replied to katmandulou's response:
    Hello Lou....I wanted to chime in here although I do not know if you will view this or not. Remodeling a kitchen is a BIG job. I do not know if you remember it or not but I had to do this several years ago. I also wanted to tell you my personal experience with Lowes. They do charge you for sending someone out (I think this is to cover the contractor's time though)....but here if you use Lowes, the estimate charge is then deducted from your bill. I guess they do this since otherwise, contractors might just be doing *free estimates* all the time.

    I used them years ago for new front entry doors. I had to have them made to fit my front entrance. I have double doors. Anyway I was charged for the man providing me an estimate for doing the work. I did go with Lowes and I got really good service. There were a couple of things which were not quite right with them and I called Lowes and they were very prompt in making sure that the contractor came back right away to fix the problems.

    Now, back to my kitchen. I ended up getting new cabinets and appliances and flooring as well. I had my own contractors though to provide me with estimates of doing things. Well, I will never go down that road again. I was pleased with the cabinets and appliances from Lowes but the men who I got did NOT fix any of the problems which showed up. Had I known what I know now, then I would definitely go with someone like Lowes, who will stand behind those who do the work.
    I ended up spending more money that I had counted on. Unless you know someone who you can trust to do things right then I think you will be better off going with those who are in the business to stay. It seems like some *contractors* do not care whether you report them or not.

    I sure hope you can get your kitchen back soon. Hopefully sooner than you think.

    Good luck and take care.



    rudyandirmouse responded:
    Good last Tuesday of May. I hope the each of you had a good weekend and that you spent it with family and friends and that you have happy memories to mark the day.

    My goodness the month flew by. Can't complain though. I'm sooo glad that summer is just days away and that the cold of winter can be forgotten with warm days and lots of sunshine.

    It's going to be hot here today. Right now there's clouds blocking the sun. But it feels hot and muggy and it's just early a.m. now. UGH. They say rain chances all day because of a line of storms that are heading here from the west and of course with the heat there's always chances of pop up showers. Still it's nice to have warmth rather than dreary cold.

    And MiMi, yes so many people forget Memorial Day is a day of remembrance for those who gave the last measure of service to our country. I had many friends who served during the Vietnam War and went over to the mid 60's through the late 60's. One friend went over in 71. Sadly a few of our friends didn't come back. Their names are on the Wall in Washington, DC. DH and I went to see the Vietnam Memorial Wall 10 years ago. And like so many people that day we were walking slowly along the Wall looking at the names of those who died during the war and also looking for the names of our friends who hadn't come back to us alive.

    And, like so many others, we left flowers along the Wall. We took enough flowers and message tags to use for our friends and some for soldiers we didn't know. We would pick out a name of solider and we'd put the name on the note and then thank them for their service to country and for their sacrifice. We left flowers along the wall for our friends, 3 of them, and a message thanking them for their service and most of all, we hadn't forgotten them and missed them. We did so with tears in our eyes.The sadness of the Wall is overwhelming. All those soldiers who died for us. And for DH and I, it was of course, seeing the names of friends, Reliving the loss of them. That sadness doesn't get old.

    I hope everyone had a nice weekend. Since DH had to work Saturday and Monday. we got together with the daughters on Sunday evening and had dinner. The was nice. And because DH had to work Monday he acted like Sunday was Monday and did his out of door's cooking. And cook he did. He smoked some Ribs, sausage, steak and Turkey legs. We've enough smoked meat now to feed DH for months. And to go along with the meat feast we did beans, potato salad, chips and beer. Sunday was a good day for DH

    But Monday was a different matter. Poor DH, he came home so tired yesterday. Last minute grill buyers came in by the dozen Sunday and Monday to buy grills that were on sale. They depleted the grills that he had built up, so he was busy assembling grills one after another for customers until he got off work. He used yesterday to help build back the inventory of grills for sale. And will be busy at it until Wed. He goes on vacation Thursday for 4 days and boy that man sure can use the days off. I am thinking we are going down to the Gulf for some sun and surf, but am not sure. DH may want to head over to NC and visit DD and family. They have a beach near by too. Either way for me its a Win Win.

    Anyway not much to post about so will close this here with Best Wishes For A Great Day...

    Gentle hugs, Linda R

    rudyandirmouse replied to katmandulou's response:
    Hi Lou, Gosh I'm sorry the LOWES people charged you to come by and give you an estimate and carpet samples. How rude is that! Going to run that past DH when he gets home and see why LOWES does that. Not good business practice to charge would be customers even before they settle on your store to do the work!

    You'll have your kitchen up and running before summer's over. And it will be amazing. You'll have to post pictures, if you have fb you can let us see um there, if not maybe you can get them posted here. Anyway you do it,we'll all be waiting to see how beautiful it is.

    Sorry your not getting enough sleep. Hope that you are able to wind down and get back to getting a full night's sleep soon.

    Glad your knitting again. I know how clam it makes one feel..
    Gentle Hugs, Linda R
    rudyandirmouse replied to dollbug's response:
    MiMi, saw your post after I posted to Lou. Now I see why Lowes does an estimate charge. Makes sense. And am so glad you were happy with Lowes service.

    Even before DH started to work there we shopped at their stores. And between Home Depot and Lowes we always felt Lowes went above and beyond to make out purchase a happy one. I know DH has, although he's not a floor person, stopped and helped customers find items, take them up front for sale. Even helped load them into cars or onto trucks, when it's not his job to do this. Lowes says it wants each and every customer to be happy with their purchase and have a good shopping experience with them. They always mention this at morning meetings. So I'm glad to see you've have them.

    Gentle Hugs, Linda R
    katmandulou replied to dollbug's response:
    Such an ordeal! This guy seems nice, he doesn't buy from a store like Lowe's but uses a cabinet guy who custom-makes them. I don't know yet what money we'll be getting.

    In 2009 I took a friend's recommendation on a local contractor to do our roof and siding. Two years later we still didn't have the storm doors, and a guy working for the local electric department (who was trimming trees around the lines) saw a place in the roof that was wide open! His guys have been back a few times - a wire (phone or cable, maybe) got pulled out of the house, fix the rod, where are my doors, etc etc. The 'punch list' is still not done and I will never recommend him.

    I think this is what camping is like, but with restaurants. LOL
    rudyandirmouse replied to katmandulou's response:
    Lou, hand made cabinets are so lovely and so well made, but they do run high cost wise. I say this because the ones in my kitchen, well most of them now, were made by a cabinet maker and they really are nice.

    But having said that, I had to add a few more cabinets over the years and had to get them looking like ones we already had. We went to Lowes and there were some right on the floor that matched ours. We didn't pay much for them and when we got them home and up you'd never know they were not hand crafted one by one. But you could tell the difference if you looked carefully.

    The originals were solid oak. Deeply stained with a beautiful honey oak finish and then polished. The new ones were just a shade off, but the doors matched the style of the original cabinets. We'd have bought oak ones just like we have but they had been done by the Mennonites when the house was built, and the cabinet maker, who live 2 cities up from us, would be impossible to find. Cause they don't deal with outsiders, nor talk to women, so getting in and getting the same man to make them was doubtful. So we bought them from Lowes and you know what? We're happy.We saved $$ on um and only we, and you guys, know their not the same as the ones we had.

    When we were redoing our kitchen I had a house full lf kids and grandchildren. We lived at fast food places for a week and then I said enough. Bought hot plates and electrical fryers and worked in the dinning room and did the dishes, when I cooked here, out of a large pot filled with water and one filled with soap. It really is like camping. As tough and stressful as it was in the end, like it will be for you, it was worth it.

    Gentle hugs, Linda R
    mnjeepguy responded:
    Good evening everyone. Things were cool and quiet. After being in the mid 80's yesterday today was only in the low 60's. Yesterday it was a scramble to put the window AC's in upstairs and today the house is sealed up to keep it warm. Tomorrow is a high of 54, but 80 by Friday a gain. Minnesota weather can be silly at times.

    All of this kitchen talk makes me nervous about ever doing mine. I have a solid kitchen right now but it is very old and not set up well. It is in the big plan but I am in no hurry.

    It is nice that big stores back up the work they hire out. I know some very good professional carpenters and some hacks. The pros are always busy. You have to wait for them because people are lining up. The carpenter that can start right now is usually not very good and hunting for work. He will be cheaper but will cut corners as well. Make sure they are licensed and insured, and don't pay it all before the job is done. Most people know all of these facts, but some still get burned. My two cents growing up with good carpenters and seeing what they have had to redo for people.

    I am doing alright. I overdid it yesterday and also got a good sunburn to go with it. I welcomed the sun so much I did not want to go inside. I have one new issue but it hasn't caused trouble yet. I have tingling in the tops of my hands all the way up to my elbows. Has anyone dealt with this before?

    The first day back to work was not too bad. Everyone was quiet and most of the management took an extra day off to get a long weekend. The four day week should go by quick and before we know it the weekend will return.

    I have to head to bed so I wish you all a good night's rest. Take care everyone.


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