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Saturday *****5/31/2014 *****End of May ******
dollbug posted:
Morning FMily. MiMi in NC where we have had some rain showers off and on throughout the night. It is supposed to be a bit cooler today and the showers will get gone. I woke up around 3 am with a horrible jaw pain. Don't know exactly what is going on with this. I thought I would never get back to sleep...finally did though and then woke up feeling a bit better. DH and I ate out yesterday and I had a good meal but it made me really sick. Not a good thing. I was sick all day. I had lots of things that I should have been doing but that did not happen either. Don't we all just love the wrath of the dragon, aka FM?

Here is hoping each of you had a better day and I hope today will be a good day for us all with little to no pain. May is ending. It has been a weird spring so far. I can't wait to see what summer is going to be. I am still dealing with allergies. I have tried to stop my medicine but my eyes will not allow it. It seems to get worse each year.

I have been having some computer issues recently. Don't know what is going on with this either. I do the things to reset it and sometimes it works and other times it doesn't. Sometimes the power will go off and just a short time and this seems to mess up my internet as well.

Welcome to the new members who have joined our support group recently. Yes, it seems like we are growing again.....people trying to find better ways to cope. It is indeed a lot to deal with in the beginning. I am sure though as time passes and you learn more about FM, the better it will get. There is no cure but lots of good tools which just might make a difference in the way you feel. Finding the right combination which works will take some time and there are no quick fixes or magic pills which work for everyone. What works for one person may or may not help another. Only you will know when you have found what works for you.

Vitamin D. Please speak to your doctor about getting this checked. Low Vitamin D can cause some people to have additional pain and it can also affect other illnesses as well.

Have a good week-end and remember to pace, pace and pace some more. Your body will thank you for doing this.



missist responded:
Good Morning Mimi and All to Follow and Welcome to all the New People visiting Here lately!

Mimi--- allergies! Oh my! I was having a great year until now. I had not refilled my advair since December and was so happy I didn't have any asthma symptoms. Now I am coughing and I know I need to get some. Hate this-my copay is over $200 a month on this one. I keep trying to get rid of the spendy meds; like celebrex I am not using it now although I think it would 'maybe' be better than advair but it is also over $ 200 and cymbalta---even the generic is up there too. Which right now I am 'experimenting ' to see if I can do without that--- since I am on such a high dose of gabapentin now and I know my neuro is almost certain to keep increasing it for a while since I"m now using it for seizures instead of the other drugs I have tried and did not do well on.

Anyhow my asthma is made worse from stress but also especially from allergy. I'm surprised I didn't have allergy earlier this spring for once.

I have my grands overnight and my GD is also coughing now. So I wonder if she is also allergic.

So.. this was a sleepover with the little ones without Hubby here. I can't do this again I think. My little grandson woke up crying in the night and I think only had a few hours of sleep all night. I'm tired out and my eyes are just burning from lack of sleep. Kids will need to go home early I think--before lunch. I need a break as I've babysat all week and its time for Gramma to rest and have some time to do what she likes too.

On days I baby sit I am too fatigued in the evening to do anything but sit and watch tv.

I want so much to do more, it just doesn't happen. When we were in Florida on one evening I was out with family and it was nice but I was so tired! I didn't want to tell anyone or spoil things but I was really tired.

Anyhow though I have been walking most days now-- a couple days I took the grands out in the neighborhood in my twin stroller I got at a thrift store. We have a lot of hills so its kind of painful with my SI problem but I persevered. I have more pain from sitting than from walking.

Our Florida trip last weekend we flew in to Orlando to save on ticket price and then drove 3 hours to inlaws. I told hubby next time I really need to fly straight there and not drive so much. Also no more 5 am flights! Luckily hubby can afford better flights-- I am grateful we do have the income to accomodate my issues, though I feel bad I need to spend it. I just can't deal with the sitting with the SI issue. I hope to travel across country soon to see my other grands and my sons who live out there and DIL, I know the flying will be brutal for me and the time change of 3 hours. Still it is a must.

There really are a lot of daily struggles with fibro & arthritis --which I know a lot of us have both. And of course ANY illness or condition you have is made more painful or difficult by the fibro. Still there are always folks who have worse problems as someone said recently. True enough.
Everyone has something hard in their lives I think, so we need to accept this and do our best.

Hope you all have a good weekend!
missist replied to missist's response:
just proofing myself-- celebrex might be better than aleeve not advair. LOL> different drugs for different reasons. how do we all keep track of the things we've tried? No idea.
mnjeepguy responded:
Good afternoon everyone. The youngest and I went fishing this morning for the first time. I do not have a boat, but a big canoe with a trolling motor. It works well for two of us. The only hard part is getting that thing on the roof of a lifted Jeep. We went out at about 7:30 this morning. He caught a big Northern Pike in about 5 minutes. We then roamed the lake looking for more. I caught one but it was a little small. By the end we were soaked to the bone from rain, but it was warm and we had a nice fish. I fried it up for lunch and the two of us barely ate it all.

It is supposed to rain the rest of the weekend so I am glad we got out once. I always enjoy a quiet morning on a lake. We had a great time together and that's what counts.

I am doing ok today, thankful for that. Just some aches from the rain moving in. Things could always be worse.

I hope you all have a wonderful day. Take care everyone.

rudyandirmouse replied to mnjeepguy's response:
Cory, your fishing trip with your youngest sounded really special. I'm glad you were able to get out onto a lake ? or river and do some fishing. I'm not a fishing person, DH is, but I have gone while he fishes and know how wonderful it is to be out on the water in the early morning watching nature wake up.

Hope it was as relaxing for you as it sounded. Also hope that you found an easy way to lift the canoe onto the roof of your jeep.

Gentle hugs, Linda R

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