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How is it?
booch007 posted:
Good morning,

How is it that a post from 3 years ago and I have seen even longer are being answered now? How do you even find them???

Most of the poster's from that time have left the board so the communication is lost. It does bring the subject up again but.......
Like "Pet peeve" man, I didn't open it but it must be pages and pages by now.

Can someone explain how this is possible? Newbies will think they are helping that one and then there is no response......(since that person is long gone) and maybe their feelings will be hurt that they didn't recieve a response. Like I have seen communication to Dr P. , we all know he is gone. That poster will sit and wait and wait.....

The old posts maybe should be greyed and "read only" then a new discussion started with the same topic. Even a new TOOLBOX, as the treatment today have changed. New tricks have been found.
The old dusty one can stay but....a new one or a new post of any statement can be done.

Am I making sense?

Am I wrong, am I crazy???
Nancy B
katmandulou responded:
Hi Nancy:
I think newcomers are typing their questions into the "Search this Community" box, and those old conversations are coming up. Without Caprice and Dr. P nobody is really in charge.

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