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Great Exercise Article
Anon_10089 posted:
Here is a link to an article explaining scientifically, why exercise is not so cut and dry with us. All of us, probably, have heard, "you just need to exercise." Yes, it's true, all humans need to. But then we are given no more instruction as to how, how much, and why it hurts so much. This is a great read:

dollbug responded:
Thanks for sharing this article JR.....I hope everyone who reads and posts here will take the time and effort to read this.


booch007 responded:
Dear JR,

What a great article to share with all of us. THIS SHOULD BE MANDATORY FOR ADMISSION IN FM.

But, it is written in medical and scientific language that the average sufferer will not understatnd. ATP, autonomic and parasympathetic......

I had a light bulb moment reading this that I will share:

Talking of the oxidatative stress on the muscles causing fatigue. THIS IS WHY I WAS PUT ON THE GREEN IS MEAN DIET....they are all loaded with antioxidants.

Mitochondrial problems: This little guy is the power house in the cell. "the boss" I was put on CoQ10 to assist him.

Muscle fiber issues: I found that Trigger Point Injections afforded me the most relief and function of all the thngs I was trying.

Increased muscle toxins in pyruvate and lactate (acids): I was told to drink an abundance of just water to flush metabolic waste.

Decrease micro circulation: The love of our heating increase blood flow and movement to the core and large muscles.

Decraesed VO2 consumption: He worked with me to learn to breath right and better.

So for me a light bulb moment to see that the sum of all the parts I have been told to do is maybe why I am high functioning now.

I just recently shared it is 10 years well over 10 years of fight going on in this house with this. The Physiatrist was the one putting all this together, though he thought I was crazy to do TrP injections. I was as close to suicide as I could be and that is how I met him. My husband hooked me up.

Reading your article put it together so clearly for me, with the issues lined up like that.

I printed the article as the stress lab staff need to learn the dysfunction at excersize so they can better see when the patient is failing. Thank you so much for sharing this!!

I hope many read this and try to understand the findings that are printed here.

Best regards, Nancy B
Anon_10089 replied to booch007's response:
Wow, Nancy, thanks for making those connections! I have done so much research over the years, that I've become somewhat comfortable with scientific terms!

I just feel so bad for the people that are newly diagnosed. So often we are overweight, overwrought, and desperate. To be told "exercise" but with no more direction is so frustrating. I exercised with very high intensity for quite awhile--trying to lose weight. I had zero results with weight and I also never got into better shape. I have since figured (on my own) that I was exercising too hard and putting my body into too much stress.

I get the best results and energy boost from walking. I don't try to power walk or anything. I keep my arms as still as possible. I literally will stop and smell roses. My husband and I recently moved to a new state and city and a big reason why was this new city is great for walking. We try to incorporate walking into daily activities.

I do think doctors need to better understand the state of real dysfunction we are in when we finally see them. It IS NOT as simple as "exercise." When I first starting seeing my naturopath, she told me not to worry too much about exercise yet until we got my body more under control. I appreciated that so much!

melpom responded:
Thank you for sharing this article! I have been wondering how it all connected. I have tried so many different exercise programs trying to find one that worked for me. Curves, Zumba, walking, Pilates, elliptical, to name a few. My husband just commented the other night about my muscle tone. He couldn't understand why I had none after all the exercise I do. I told him I thought it had something to do with the FM. My strength is zero even after working out for years at curves. I finally canceled my membership. I am now walking and stretching daily. I wonder if there is anything we can do to improve muscle tone / strength. If anyone has any other info on this subject please share. Thanks!! Mel

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