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Gabapentin 1800 mg seems to be fighting my fatigue.
missist posted:
I had a hunch that my new higher dose of gabapentin was responsible for the surge in energy I've been experiencing--and not the generic cymbalta. So to test that theory I did go off the cymbalta--which I was not on very long so it was not hard to do.

I am finding that I am building more and more energy. Getting my house clean and organized etc. I still am pacing but I'm able to do more.

As for pain--I seem to be able to ignore it more although I am aware of it.

One other issue--I have difficulty getting myself ready to sleep sometimes--- not usually but some insomnia nights.

All in all--I kind of feel a little apprehensive as I am not used to having any energy. its weird. LOL. Perhaps if it continues I will get used to it.

We shall see eh?

booch007 responded:
Oh Mary I am so happy to read this! I am also so amazed as well, as I couldn't take even 100mg without so much drowsy response. It goes to show again how we are all so different.

It was so helpful to my girlfriend who had MS. So go with it babe....if you are feeling great, get it all organised and done. That in itself gives good chemistry...everything in its place is a good thing!!

I liked reading , "as far as the pain I am able to ignore it more". That's exactly the click in right meds that is good stuff.
It is never gone, just turned down so you can have the day to enjoy......

So, good for you! Hope you keep it for a long time.

Nancy B

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