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glad I found out
archieboss posted:
Well I'm glad I found out when I did - it looks like I had Lyme disease all along. My good doctors at Shea Medical ran some tests on me and after the western blot and elisa tests came back - I had lyme disease not fibromyalgia like I originally thought...anyone else had that problem?
missist responded:
Hi.. yes some have. My aunt was told she had fibro then later that she had limes. I remember her telling me she had fibro but got better and did not think it was a big deal. I don't think she ever had it. My sister says she had fibro for a few months. Which again--I don't think so. I do have an aunt that does have fibro and my mom did --they didn't have it for just a little while Mom died with it, the aunt is pretty much totally disabled now at almost 70. Lymes can be cured.
I know some folks have what they call a chronic form of lymes-- I don't know anything about it. For all I know they have fibro after having lymes.

Its not at all uncommon for someone to get something else and then get fibro too.
archiebossman replied to missist's response:
well it looks like I wasn't alone! where did you go for treatment, pray tell.
missist replied to archiebossman's response:
this is my aunt who had it--she lives in PA I have no idea. sorry.

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