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purplediane posted:
i'm glad to see this topic floating around. i have such sheer exhaustion it's almost indescribable. waking up after a solid 10 hours only to feel like i never slept. my head is too heavy to hold up and my limbs barely function. my brain? not even turned on. often i go right back to bed for another 6-10 hours of sleep. i manage to stay awake for a few hours, then it's time for bed and i'm tired and ready. sometimes it's one day, sometimes almost a week. i'm just coming off 5 days of cat like sleeping. today is my first not sleeping all day day. i have not connected the fatigue with pain in any way. some really painful days i stay awake just fine. other's not. like much of fms and cfs there is no schedule.
welcome to the jungle - guns and roses
missist responded:
I'm usually ok the first part of the day now--well after the morning un-gelling with coffee. I can be up and managing my grandkids from about 9 to about 2. then I am soooo thankful they nap. Evenings I'm sitting here surfing the net and feeling like a useless rock. Such is life I guess. Mary

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