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wish i was not in pain
cbaslee posted:
I need help with a diet and exercise. Thank you
missist responded:
Cbaslee--Welcome. We all sure wish we were not in pain. I am done with my job for the day and have my feet up--one is wrapped in a hot rice bag. So I do know pain yes..

As for diet and exercise--this is going to be a 'what works best for you' process-- although I think some have found it better for them to not eat gluten and to drink more water and get more fresh green foods. That may be a good place to start. I am in weight watchers--but I'm not very faithful to it I'm afraid. I 'm sure someone else will chime in and give better advice than I can.

Exercise--is difficult. I can tell you immediately it has to be very SLOW starting out and you must always pace yourself and do not do too many reps of the same exercise. Stretching and walking are very good and water exercise can be good if you do not over do it and the water is not too cold.

God Bless!
booch007 responded:
Good morning.

NO exercise.......doesn't that take a load off you.

ALL that you do in a day is exercise and use it as such. The laundry, the vaccume the folding of clothes and ironing. Doing the steps (if you have them). This is to be looked at as work when you have this.

Assess what you do, look at the muscles you use in the things you accomplish in the day and try to alter the ones around a bit.

I lowered the ironing board for a bit as it was easier on my neck, then got it up again when i was better. I used my waist to swing to get clothes to the dryer....really look at yourself.

Then if you want more. WALK. That is all you need for now.

I paid alot of money to hear. EAT GREEN AND MEAN....
Meat chicken and fish with every green veggie you can find. They all offer antioxidants for your health. No other veggie. I still eat this way. Water to flush (that was a detox...I never drank water but I have learned to love it now.) COLD water.

I was also asked to use GREEN VIBRANCE, in the beginning I did it all. GV is no longer in my menu but you may want to try it.

We fell apart, no one knows why or how. But this was my clean up diet I was given and it helped me so much. The hydration being high on my list I feel to help me.

What works for one may not help another but this is clean living and good healthy habits. I alternate muscles all the time. Got educated in the groups and try to switch off to rest the ones i just used. I change shoes each day to give my feet and leg muscles a switch of pitch. Each shoe wears different and the arch is supported different. No flip flops or cheap shoes. I can't walk the next day. feel it right away.

These were my tools*....maybe they can help.

It was the first time I ate Dandolion greens....(need salt!) and now I just started with young kale...(needs garlic) but yummy. Packed with nutrients and antioxidants.....

It took about 60 days to feel a difference in myself. I drank about 3 liters of fluid a day...I cannot tell you that to this day I am so grateful to the physiatrist who turned the light on for me.
Told me to be aware of posture and breathing that the sum of all these parts makes a difference.

I was hurting bad when my DH took me to him. I was 100% in, I wanted my body back a bit if not all. I am not cured, there is no cure but I am so much better. I am not walking on stones in the morning....I am able to stretch out a muscle group more than ever. I am getting a life in there......that was all I asked for.

Good luck with this. Hope more help with ideas.

Nancy B
missist replied to booch007's response:
Nancy B--- I am wondering. I was busy about 10 hours today between my morning stuff-- and babysitting my grands which is BUSY. even little guy's naptime is not that relaxing cuz bigger gal's not interesting in letting Gramma alone.

Anyhow--I can handle most of this now ok-- better on days I do all my stretches and hit the tub; not as well on days I walk--which Hubby is always after me to do.

so here's my question-- doing all you do-- trigger injections and dietwise-- do you get more than 10 hours?

I wonder also if Mimi does with the supplements.

I think my stretches--which are mainly targeted toward the worst areas--which the past couple years is my upper legs to low back whole area. And my neck & hands.

Those plus pacing and doing more in the am and resting at night-- it seems like I'm getting about the same quality life as anyone else who's had this for many years. Am I right?

Just wondering.

My only RX meds now are gabapenting 1800 mg daily. alleve 4 daily, and my blood pressure stuff; 4000 of vit. D and 2 big B stress formula vitamins--also my allergy pill.

This is less than I was taking--no more anti depressants or celebrex although I kind of miss it. no more advair.

Do use inhaler sometimes

missist replied to missist's response:
Nancy---Oh... last thing I was going to mention my diet is awful. I know better, would like to eat better, lose weight--but I guess I'm not sure that it really does help with fibro--I guess I want it for me.
missist replied to missist's response:
Last thought--- sorry. I still have bad days sometimes but I don't usually any more have bad long time flares where I can't function.
At least I hope not. I think the gabapentin helps and also pacing PACING pacing...

but also I think weather and stress are a factor beyond all else.

missist replied to missist's response:
Only reason I am bringing all this up--so slow cuz I think in bursts--sorry. Is I think-- it really is mainly a matter of self help and we all seem to manage differently in our way of dealing but it seems like most of us are stuck in this middle thing--like we can handle about a good solid half day after we get it under control.

In the early years I think most of us just are in such bad shape painwise that there is no such thing quality of life.

anyone have thoughts on my theory?
candorama replied to missist's response:
Hi Mary, First day on this forum, I was reading your reply and had a question for you. I have had FM for 15 years and manage very well, although have been having big problems with my legs as well, I cannot walk up 2 flights of stairs, or even an incline, without pain/burning. I have tried to figure out a cause....not overweight, I could lose 20 though, it's not circulation. Is this what happens to you? Or does anyone else have these symptoms, I don't know how to fix the problem.
Thank you.
fibroinsd replied to candorama's response:
hi Candace...yes, I have trouble going up one flight of stairs...and it isn't a weight issue/ per se..I don't think...I was quite a bit overweight..and went to Medifast..which is a "quick" weight loss program...and I lost 100 pounds and felt much better...but not completely cured. I have put on about 20 pounds and I am now back at medifast trying to re-lose those pounds and maybe a few more..

I know for awhile I was doing better...but lately..going up the stairs is such a pain...literally..I do think part of it is the diet..getting rid of so many carbs..concentrating on protein and veggies...and like nancy said..soooooo much water...I am feeling rather water logged right now..but I know it is good for me..

Let's put the fun back in dysfunctional !- Mary Englebright

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