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Just Diagnosed.
oceanbluebg posted:
I have been going to a neurologist for 2 years for foot neuropathy. I had a brain anuresym in Feb. of this year. I started having numbness and tingling all over my body, and then the pain started. It was so bad I literally couldnt get out of bed. I thought it was the flu. My doctor diagnosed me with fibromyalgia and put me on Fetzima which is a antidepressant. Today is my second day on it and it seems to help some. I have been hurting so bad that depression set in and I feel like I cant go on at times. I have been reading and from what I have read; it only makes me feel worse. I dont know what to do next?? I feel hopeless.

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katmandulou responded:
Hi oceanbluebg and welcome!

Give the meds time to work. I was on mine 3 weeks before I felt better enough to say something to anyone about feeling better. The drugs need to get into all areas of your body.

Thanks for asking the question, and do come back and check in!

fibroinsd responded:
I am with one respect...the meds do take awhile to really work...I was on Cymbalta..and it took a couple of weeks before I started noticing it. I haven't heard of this antidepressant..hopefully it will work..just watch out for side with any new medication...and stay in touch with your doctor.

I haven't tried Accupucture..but if you know a good one..maybe you might like to try that? or Massage...and I start any exercise slowly..making sure you start by stretching ...

Do look in the tips and resources in this page and look for the member toolbox for ideas that might a heating pad..

Let's put the fun back in dysfunctional !- Mary Englebright
rudyandirmouse responded:
I agree whole hardheartedly with Lou and cece. It takes time to get adjusted to medications. Your body may not feel as if their working for a week or more. Give them time.

As for what to do next: that's a call you need to make. Some people here use chiropractic adjustments, I do. Some use water aerobics,yoga, Tia chi, walking, etc. Some fine that a diet change helps, others use massage or acupuncture.Some use none of the above and tough it out.

Fibro and it's collection of illnesses, isn't a One Size Fit All kind of thing and what works well for one person who suffers from it, may have no beneficial effect on others. Sad but true. And with us it's always Trail and error.

So my suggestions is to try things out, see what fits well for you and stay the course. We have all learned that we can have a life with fibro. As long as we manage it and NOT to let "IT" manage us.

Gentle hugs, Linda R

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