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    Tuesday - 6/24/2014 *****
    dollbug posted:
    Morning FMily. MiMi in NC. I made it to the doctor yesterday. X rays indicted my bone is healing. I was surprised though that my hand was still bruised a lot....very sore from no movement and when they provided me with a brace, which was *made to fit* in about 10 minutes or so. It was heated and formed. So now I have my 2 fingers (pinkie and ring) which are at a 90* angle. OMG* now I can only type with my right hand. Try this is not easy at all. It is what it is though as I can not change this. (short posts for a while)

    I hope I can correct all the errors I make. We will see just how this goes.

    I hope each of you had a good night's rest and I hope we will all have a good day, with little to no pain.

    Welcome to new members.

    Vitamin D. Get it checked.

    Remember to pace, pace and pace some more.



    rudyandirmouse responded:
    Good Tuesday MiMI and to all that will follow. I hope that this day will be a good one for each of you. I hope there's sunshine and warm temps where you are and that you will not have to deal with fibro issues or pain.

    It's was nice here a few hours ago, but as dawn came so did the rain.It's not raining right now,so maybe that was it for today. And as It's going to be warm, 82, rather than hot here today, it should be a very nice day be out of door. And I am guessing no afternoon showers either

    Wish I could send Cory some of our warm temps, minus the rain,I wish I could send that to cece in Cali, but from his post last night it maybe, finally, getting summer like there.

    No real plans for today aside from getting my nails done, a stop at the hobby shop for a few 4TH of July things to put out and then the pharmacy.A slow day over all and ya know I like slow days, must be an age thing with me, I like to space things out now. I also like to plan way ahead. No surprises. Again, I think, for me, it's an age thing. I didn't used to care it we just jumped into the car with a back pack and a change of clothes and went when the mood hit me. Now I want to make sure I pack and pack some more. UGH.

    Tomorrow will be busy as I have a bi yearly dr appointment, the one I missed last week, with the lung doctor and then I pick up my middle grandson, 11, for a few day's visit with us. I may pick up the 2 youngest grand children, 6 and 7, on Thursday for a night's stay over.

    Feel bad that I had planned a road trip up to New York state this weekend, DH has the days off, but my middle daughter is coming in from NC on Saturday and we would like to make sure we get our time to visit with her. So the New York's trip can wait as I have a whole summer to get that in. I am learning a lot about my mother's family that were from there. I learned my grandmother, at age 22, sang at the dedication of Grant's tomb. Between my cousin and a trip up this summer some time, I will learn what I need to know so that I can have the information for my daughters and their children.

    MiMi, glad your hand is healing. Sorry that the new form fitting cast leaves you few fingers to type with, but sounds like you are on the mend and will have the use of the hand, out of cast soon.

    Lou, as I posted in yesterday's Roll Call to you I hope that these new things that need to be fixed will be done quickly and that they can have the house ready for the kitchen to be remodeled on time. Even with the smallest thing when it comes to mold or asbestos things can set back the schedule. I hope with your house and kitchen this is not going to be the case. <<<HUGS>>>

    cece, your weekend sounded very busy, but I love the car show, driving car show, the pictures were amazing. I used to love to go up to Fillmore, CA and see the car shows and street fairs they'd have. We have car shows here in the downtown square. They just had one on the 14th but Rudy and I forgot and missed it. They have bands, and food and cars and rides. Pretty nice, but like I said, we missed it.

    Cory, I do hope that the knee, the neck and the weather have all improved since yesterday. I think of you so often dealing with so much there. I have said prayers for you and your DW and hope that God lightens your burdens and physical ills quickly.

    Should get off here and get the day moving. Have a great day.
    Best wishes to Mary and Nancy as well and hope that each of you are having a great day.

    Gentle hugs, Linda R
    fibroinsd responded:

    oh yes, Linda..I was watching the news and all the flooding in Minnesota and I I wish we could get some of that..I think we need a national pipe-line with pumps...just like the national highways that would send water where it is needed !

    I am having some wonderful time ALONE !! ...listening to music...DH is off volunteering with Habitat for Humanity...and DD is off taking a it is just me and the cat (DD's cat) home alone...wonderful...I need time alone once in awhile ! Tomorrow I have to go to mom and dad's and look into their finances...not something I look forward to...Dad thinks someone at Merill Lynch has stolen his money..I don't think so, just that someone got anyway...we will see what happens..

    Let's put the fun back in dysfunctional !- Mary Englebright
    mnjeepguy responded:
    Good evening everyone. It's foggy and cold here,(47 and 98% humidity), in northern MN. I am greatful this is not southern or western MN where the land is flat and fills with water, but I ache for warmth, literally.

    Work was ok, I made it through another day. I was a stiff this am and it got bad by about 11am, then it slowly got better. I was greatful for that. I am sure I did too much yesterday. I have been struggling with my job physically lately and it takes a mental toll. Trying to stay positive and count my blessings. Lots of deep breaths, lots of frustration.

    I am again thinking about talking to my Dr about depression. I have thought about it before, just haven't worked up the courage. I don't like to admit it or even talk about it, but I am just not very happy with much these days. Adding another med is not high on my list, but it is beyond a seasonal problem. I feel the best way to be happy is to be the creator of my own happiness, it won't just fall in my lap. I have some extra work to do.

    Mimi, you type very well minus a few digits.

    Linda R, Thanks for the prayers. The knee is improved and the neck is good.

    Cece, alone with music is a good place to be.

    Have a good night and take care everyone.

    rudyandirmouse replied to mnjeepguy's response:
    Cory, please,do talk to your doctor about medication(s) for depression. No reason for you to go on feeling down or blue if you can ' reset'' yourself mentally with the help of medications. I've taken them and thank the good Lord that I had a doctor who saw I needed some help. I get seasonal depression, as many of us do here, and when October comes around and the colors and warmth go away so do my ' happiness' and I needed something to help me get through these dreary months.

    So when I was just seeing the Rheumatologist for the fibro, before I knew I had PN and began to see the Neurologist, as well, I was offered medication for depression. I honestly really needed the help. I had no quality of life. This nerve disorder, fibro, effects our way of thinking and sometimes, like it was with me then, the pain of everyday, not getting to feeling better, one flare after another, the gray of winter and the cold of it was more than I could deal with.

    So I took the medication then and now, when needed, start each October until March and stop only when know I can go it alone. haven't needed it for a few years, but I would go back on it in a heartbeat if I began to feel down, blue or in a place where I just couldn't get ' over ' the pain and dis-pare of the fibro flares and back to being in a good, happy and normal.

    So please do ask you PCP or Rheumy about going onto something that will help get you back to feeling and thinking like your old happy self.

    Always here for support, Gentle hugs, Linda R

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