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Body Pains
franr posted:
Good afternoon all. Lately I have had so many different body problems I don't know what specialist to see first .I have been diagnosed with tendonitis in the brachial muscle. Pt didn't do any good .Now I am scheduled for a MRI for ? of rotator cuff. My R hip aches I received 2 infusions for sacroiliac joint pain with no relieve and now the front of the hip is causing pain radiating into my R knee. And my right foot is a mess I need everything done to my R foot.Do these body repairs every end.I am sick of specialists and PT.Of course through all this I continue to trudge along and go about daily activities.....Fran
melpom responded:
Fran, Sorry to hear of your different problems. I also am at a point where I don't have a clue as to what Dr. would be best. It sure would be nice if you could go to one or two Dr.s and they could take care of everything. From reading posts here it seems like sometimes you have to seek several different Dr.s. I hope you find one that will help with your needs and guide you in the right direction. Continue to share and let us know how it turns out. Wishing you well. Mel
katmandulou responded:
Hi franr and melpom:

People on this board see a lot of kinds of docs for FM. I see a rheumatologist, others see neurologists, pain specialists, or their PCP. Your doc has to be someone you trust and respect above all else. If you're uncomfortable with the person, find another.

I also have a group of docs I see for specifics that aren't directly related to FM. For my plantar fasciitis I see a podiatrist. High blood pressure, my PCP. You can see different docs for different things.

I hope this helps, and I wish you well finding the right docs.
nextstepsuicide responded:
I have had fibro for 25 years.
I have been to every fibro/rheumatology specialist in the tri-state.
There is no cure for fibro problems. There is no fix for minor or major aches and pains. The pain NEVER goes away.
Every waking moment is filled with excruciating, inescapable pain. My life is pure hell and I pray for the moment my life ends.
atti_editor replied to nextstepsuicide's response:
I am so sorry for all of the pain that you are going through and all that you are experiencing at this time. Please let your doctor know exactly what you've told us here so he/she can help you get the help you need and deserve.

Please contact a crisis line (if one of those in the link doesn't help, look in your local phone book or online).

I am so sorry you're struggling so much right now. Please take steps to keep yourself safe.


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