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Need suggestions on finding the right doctor
salberry posted:
I am a 57 year old female and was diagnosed about 3 months ago by a rheumatologist that doesn't treat ongoing fibro cases. My primary care doctor (an internist) does not believe that I have fibro. He told me I am clinically depressed and am imagining all of this. I have been going to this doctor for 14 years and I thought he knew me and never dreamed that he would think I am making all of this up! I have an appointment with another rheumatologist next week---originally called at the end of May and was initially scheduled for the end of August. I asked to be put on a cancellation list and was contacted yesterday for an appointment next week. I need to find another primary care doctor, but so far have not been successful. I have searched on-line for the Indianapolis area and I have asked friends. I think I am gun-shy. I thought for a long time I was just imagining the pain and fatigue---I even told myself I was just being lazy. I had told my internist several times in the past when I would go through periods of feeling like I had the flu----aching all over----and feeling worn out. He would tell me that it was part of getting older. I believed him because I would always bounce back until the past year or so. I finally asked my internist to recommend a rheumatologist and the one he suggested to me doesn't treat fibro! Those of you have been lucky enough to find the right doctor---any suggestions how I might go about finding the right one for me?

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