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Newly Diagnosed
yollie19 posted:

I have been in pain for almost two years, I had to quit my job due to constant pain and burning. I found a new Dr. Who diagnosed Fibro and Piriformis Syndrome. I'm on my third Physical Therapy for lower back pain. Seems like the pain will never leave. Was taking Gabapentin and now on Lyrica, haven't taking it yet. I'm hesitant to take the Lyrica, due to weight gain, my previous doctor misdiagnosed and had me on prednisone for seven months. Still trying to come back from that nightmare. Anyway, thanks for being there, I know that I'm not alone.
msmary15 responded:
I too had to leave my job. Felt at the time it was only temp. but I realized I won"t be going back. Emotionally it's hard on top of the pain. I too have lower back pain. I'm hoping the Chiropractor can help. I also have a pinched nerve in lumbar. I take the ice pack with me when I drive.I use it for the first 10 mins. and I use a small pillow at my back. It help for awhile. I'm trying grated ginger in hot water to help my quesy stomach, and I was told fish oil is an antinflamitory. If you've been in pain for 2 yrs. you may already know these hints. I too am taking Gabapentin.(1 wk now just diagn) I hope you have good days I wish we all could say good bye to these aches and pains My thoughts are with you.
franr replied to msmary15's response:
Hi Mary

I know having fibo is a never ending end battle to find the right pill ,treatment or some kind of pain relief, give the medicine time. The MD may increase your dose to see what mg you may need .I am now on the long acting gabapentin called grailse which seems to help me but it is very expensive. I am so sorry you are having so many symptoms But as everyone here knows that goes along with the disease .Keep us updated...

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