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Cymbalta-Weaning Off
ZannaDo posted:
Has anyone successfully weaned themselves off Cymbalta? I want to, because I don't think it is helping me any more.

How did you do it? I still have some 30 mg pills, so I was going to start by alternating days with 60 and 30, then go to all 30, then every other day, then off.

Anybody have other ideas or ways to deal with the side effects?

Thank you FMily, and soft hugs to you all!

fibroinsd responded:
Call your doc before you do....that is what I have heard...

cactusflower1963 responded:
Ditto what Cece said! I have heard so much about it being a tough one to wean off but I've heard a couple people say it was no problem at all. That said, it's always best to check with your doc. Good luck and let us know how it goes!!!
Socialwrkr responded:
Definitely talk to your doctor before doing so. But, if they agree, they should give you a plan.

I just went off Cymbalta. I was on it about a year. I went from 60 daily just down to 30 daily for a week. After that week, I just went off.

The only side effect I've noticed is that brain zap thing, which is truly odd. At the same time I was doing this, my gall bladder started acting up terribly, so, I thought I was having pain in my gut and side from the Cymbalta, but that was the gall bladder.

Honestly, for me, it was an easy thing. BUT, please don't do it without your doc's awareness. They may know some tricks, especially if you have had issues with meds in the past.

Good luck!

CORYSGIRL30 responded:
I was on this stuff last year and had serious side effects. I was weaned off from 60. Down to 30's for about 2 weeks then off.
CORYSGIRL30 responded:
P.S. Getting off Effexor was WAY WAY WAY worse than Cymbalta.
annette030 responded:
My hubby weaned off of it without any problem at all. When he was on 30 mg. a day, we just started alternating days for one week, then stopped them altogether. He was taking it for chronic pain that had been fixed with surgery.

Take care, Annette
annette030 responded:
Tapering off of any meds should always be done under a doctor's supervision. I should not have just assumed you had discussed this with your doctor first.

Take care, Annette
Tany84 responded:
I would just talk to my doc if I were you. Right after I was diagnosed, my doc put me on it for the pain but I had an adverse reaction to it so he had to take me off abruptly, but I hadn't been on it very long, I don't know that that would work for everyone.

hugs back!


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