Cysts and boils ****
Dollbug posted:
Hello FMily......MiMi in NC....I was wondering if anyone else has problems with cysts and boils? I do not know if this is related to FM or just from stress.....and it seems like I am getting more and more of these....but I have also been under a lot of family issues lately....which as one knows how much stress this can bring to us....not a good thing for the mind or the body.... And this is really not good when it involves little ones.....who are not given a choice in the matter... I often wonder about people who do not think about how things affect children....I was talking to a lady last week and she told me that adults who have any sort of abuse in their childhoods had a hard time with trying to overcome this....and the sad thing is that most of the time....this rolls over from generation to generation and is really hard to stop.....not a good thing for little ones at all... I do not think that people understand how any sort of abuse can make such a big difference in a young person's life.....and they only have one childhood....when it is is gone making up or trying to sad....and education is so very important for children....these children are going to be the next leaders of our country....and there is so many people who do not care....I was talking to a retired school teacher and she was telling me that she saw a lot, did a lot and tried to make a difference in many children's lives....and before anything can be done....a child has to be in really bad immediate danger....before anything is done....we live in a wicked, wicked begins at home....we adults must talk the talk and walk the walk for children to learn what they should learn and become good, caring, respectful and truthful citizens.....we have to set good examples for them to follow....adults have choices and consequences....child do not always get a say in what happens in their this so hard for people to understand? OMG....I have one can tell.....I have had a bad week.... Anyway....I was curious to know if anyone else has problems with cysts and boils....I think my stress goes to these places which cause big time problems for me....I now have a large place on my left shoulder which I am going to have to see a doctor about....and I watched one of these ugly things being removed on the internet....wished I had not done this.....but I also watched parathyroid surgery being done on someone.....before I knew that I was going to have to have this.... Computers are great.....for some things... Anyway....if anyone has thoughts or comments or suggestions on this subject.....I am open... Thanks .... MiMi
Yayabay06 responded:
Hi MiMi~~~ After Alex was born, I had a cyst become abcessed on my back. The surgeon cut it in an X shape and twisted gauze and I had to drain it everyday. It was so gross and painful and grew back. Then I had it removed and tried to have the scar fixed but?? Then I had one grow on my shoulder. I had that removed last year I think! They were the "dermoid" cysts. They were in a sac filled with "stuff" like it grew into another being :neutral: Alex was born with one over her left eyebrow. We had it removed when she was 10mos old by a plastic surgeon. I was such a nervous mommy :sad: This was all in 2 years. Cysts cysts cysts!!! I do not know why tho......they all just showed up. good luck with it YaYa :goofy:
annette030 responded:
Cysts are different from boils. You should see a doctor and get a definite diagnosis and treatment plan. Cysts are fluid or semi-solid filled sacs that are lined with skin type tissue. If they are bothersome they are usually surgically removed. It is usually a minor procedure if just under the skin where you can feel them. Sebaceous cysts fall into this category. Boils are localized infections. They are usually lanced when ready to be opened and then are allowed to drain and heal from the inside out. The wound may be packed if it is large enough. Antibiotics may also be used. I don't believe childhood trauma has anything to do with either of these things. Take care, Annette