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Muscle Lock?
wisebeyond posted:
I have an odd question, but does anyone suffer from muscle lock? And does it have anything to do with fibro? I've been getting it pretty bad lately... I know they are trying to find out if my mom has MS, and was misdiagnosed with fibro, since apparently MS can mimick fibro in the early stages, according to her... Aslo, she was told you can live with MS and not know for years and years. If she does have MS, it's possible I have both or just have MS. I suppose that's why I'm asking. FIbro seems to match me, but now I'm curious if muscle locks are common among us. My shoulders get muscle lock to the point I can barely use one or the other for a couple days. Usually I use a heating pad or get someone to massage it out. A combination can help after a few days of constantly treating it....
pocotaz responded:
Hi Kourtney, If by muscle lock you mean charlie horsing---Yes i get that all the time in my calve musles. I have no choice but to get out of bed or off the chair/couch to stand up and snap my feet back into place. I get those in the back of my upper thigh as well. They hurt. I have had them in my forearm after i over exert them from sweeping or mopping floors. I actually get a bulge in the muscle just in front of my wrist and it will last for a couple of days. I hope you can find relief--it stinks when your hurt like that. Hugs.............................Linda
Dollbug responded:
Hello Kourtney.......MiMi in NC.....I do get something like cramps in my hands and fingers.....I use to get these also in my legs a lot.....when I was younger.....I do take potassium and calcium and I was told at one time a long time ago that this is an indication of not enough of one or the other vitamins... So you might want to ask your doctor about this.....I have had all sorts of problems with both hands and both legs so I do not know whether that has something to do with my problems or not... I did have a lot of major issues with my shoulder but this was due to my neck area and the discs which were messed up......I was unable to use my right arm and had major pain from the shoulder down to the fingers.....and once my neck surgery was done.....all of the shoulder problems cleared up.....I still have some issues though with the elbow (which I also had surgery on) and my hands....which I have had 3 right hand carpal tunnel surgeries on it.... No question on this board is odd....I think we all have a lot of ususual questions concerning health issues.....and if it is not asked then we will never know.....I do know that I am always doubting whether or not the health problems that I encounter are connected or not to FM.....I think a lot of them are connected somehow whether it is known or not....and I also doubt sometimes, if FM is the reason that I have so many issues.....I do know that a lot of us have multiple health issues and it is probably difficult for even the doctors to figure out what is connected to FM and how these issues can affect us.... So we FMers must keep on keeping on until we find answers to our questions and concerns... I hope you can get some answers for your concerns.....take care and good luck... MiMi
MagPrincess responded:
I get these in my hands in the arches of my feet and in my calves. Are you taking any muscle relaxers? These help so much!
Asmi14 responded:
I have no Idea if this is part of FM or not. I can definitely say it is my number one symptom though and the most troubling. Every muscle in my body will just "lock in the on position". THANK FULLY not all at the same time, normally only one or two muscle groups at a time. Like increased heart rate, or "constipation", or the pelvic girdle(low back,buttocks, outer thigh and groin), or the most fun one all 4 abdominal muscle groups. No I don't have rock hard abs because there is this requirement that to build and define muscles the muscles have to go on, then off then on and then off... I don't get the off periods... but I keep hoping for my flat tummy back! :-) I have been certified by at least 3 neurologists I have FM not MS in the past 10 years. According to these guys and gal I have to have a positive MRI AND a positive Lumbar protein test. I have tried every known muscle relaxer and FM treatment, in the past 25 years and most don't work for longer than 6-9 mo if they work at all. I would recommend that the MS and epilepsy sites have ideas of exercises and diet suggestions that I tolerate well and produce some temporary muscle tone and more "good days". Good days are when I can actually fake I'm a normal person. :-) The only reason I go to the MS/epilepsy sites are because they are researched and studied more than FM. so take all advice on results with a grain of salt. This isn't the correct diagnosis. I'm looking for symptom management potential helps. This is a shared symptom but potentially different causes. Other than that very small advice I can only offer empathy for some of what you are going through.
activitydirector responded:
I get this too. Especially in my shoulders, upper and lower back. Muscles will tighten up to the point where I can barely move. This actually happened to me just last Thursday/Friday. Took muscle relaxer, pain med, and massage to loosen things up so I could move again. Sorry you're having troubles. You're not alone in this! ErinJ
angelldakota responded:
I have both ms and fibro... they have told me it can happen thru both... I also get spastic hands and legs but that is ms... I usually get muscle spasms in my shoulder and back and legs... sometimes my feet and toes... they give me a muscle relaxer called baclofen... it is an ms muscle relaxer... but I still get spasms... not as often tho.. except in my back... been fighting that for over a week... massages help along with the heating pads and stopain... but don't use the heating pad right after stopain.... I wait at least 3-4 hours... it can burn you... happened to me once and that was enough for me lol.... take care and I hope you get better fast... I will also pray for your dear mother and you... bless you... luv... jan/dakota/angell

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