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Teachers who continue teaching
Asillia posted:
I have searched and searched and can not find anything on this, although my Dr. agrees that lots of teachers get fibro... am looking for help and tips to deal with the fog- I have gotten really bad this week and that is not the kind of teacher that I am! Very upsetting... Anyone?
MagPrincess responded:
I taught the two and three year olds at a preschool until my daughter was seven months old and i yelled at her for arching her back in the carseat. My back hurt, i was exhausted and had no patience left with a fourty five minute drive home still ahead. i got out of teaching right then as i had a bigger responsibility to my daughter and then a year and half later found out that i had fibro and it probably started soon after she was born.

My Rhuemy recommends

Siberian Ginsing, CoQ 10, and Ginkgo Biloba plus an omega fatty acid supplement for the fatigue and fibro fog. I really like the CoQ10 of all the ones i take this one i noticed making a difference.
Asillia responded:
yea- wish i had to option to leave but really dont- son is a 10th grader at my school so i always know where he is!!! funny how no one else has answered... do most of the people here not work?
fibroinsd responded:
Hi...I am a substitute teacher. I have been working for the last two weeks teaching p.e. Talk about being tired when I get home.

I think fibro makes teaching difficult. I was today, just thinking about the noise level at school and how difficult it is to put up with due to fibro. I am sure there are teachers teaching that have fibro...I would think being really organized would be of great help. Sorry I don't have any more advice than that.

Asillia responded:
I'm thinking that this is the dirty little secret that no one wants to step into the light about; for fear of losing their job... oh, well... thought that ti was worth a try... and yes- it is VERY cold in NC right now!!!
cactusflower1963 responded:
I couldn't teach if I wanted to. I have trouble keeping my granddaughters for the weekend. I don't work and know I wouldn't been able to. I have too many bad days and too many doctor appts.

Sorry I'm not any help.
sn1964 responded:

I am not a tracher but I do work full time. My job is very detailed and if I make a mistake it could cost hundreds of dollars so I have to be very careful.

What I do is double and triple check everything I do. I finish whatever project I am working on before I move to another one or I get overwelmed and make mistakes.

I make notes as I go along and make sure I refer back to them. When I talk to anyone I write it down and go back over it with them so I know I have everything correct.

It has been a huge life style and work adjustment for me but I have been able to manage by making adjustments to how I do things.

I hope this helps you in some way.

MagPrincess responded:
I do have a friend that teaches the afterschoolers at the daycare i used to work at. I called her and she said she just makes sure her employer knows and uses her toolbox as much as possible. its got to be the overriding factor that you want to keep doing what you are doing. She used to be a plumber and switched to daycare so go figure. She loves her job and she says most days that is enough to get her through it and if it is a bad bad day she takes her pain pills too.

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