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does sugar affect you?
wanttobenormal posted:
I read somewhere that sugar can make fibro worse. Have any of you experienced this? I had taken all my meds today and then ate a couple of twix bars and my pain has been awful!! I was trying to find a reason for it, besides the fact that my meds only work half the time, if that.
aflowerpetal responded:
sugar definitely affects my symptoms and that's why I've all but given it up. I started avoiding it shortly after my final diagnosis and noticed that my FM symptoms seemed less intense for doing so.
Socialwrkr responded:
I don't notice a difference with sugar. I've experimented with it. But I get horrible pain after ingesting any of the sugar substitutes, other than Splenda.

I've also been diagnosed with an allergy to formaldehyde and the sugar substitutes "become" a version of formaldehyde while being broken down in your system. So in addition to the pain, I get hives, everywhere!

However, I've also heard of other's who have gotten relief with taking sugar and white flours out of their diets. I think it's another individual thing and definitely worth looking into!

I wish you the very best!

joseet088 responded:
hi yes i have that problem; it has somehting to do with your blood sugar giong up. but be ware of any artificial sweetener.

thanks , josee
Dollbug responded:
Hello....MiMi in NC......when you feel good a couple of twix bars again and if it does the same thing again.....I bet that is what causing your pain....I personally think foods can effect our bodies....not just sugar....were they the little bars or normal size? Just wondering....

This is how I can find out if something is bothering me....I wait a while and then redo what I think happened and if it does it again, it is likely that has something to do with how you feel....I also do this with supplements and is like introducing infants to do one food at a time to see what happens.....this is the best answer than I can give you...

I hope this helps....

Take care.

yogamama7 responded:

It may - but it could be other things like high fructose corn syrup - I have been reading some materials that might indicate that as a problem -

and what the sugart is combined with - like wheat products.

The best thing to do is cut out the offending food and see if 2 things happen - 1) you begin to lose weight, and 2) you start to feel better. ANd if you reintroduce it an dyou feel awful - you may have your answer.

I think the key is to eat a more organic diet - and use stevia or even honey as a sweetener. STAY AWAY from things like aspartame - it is the synthetic version of aspartate - and it can affect the functioning of certain brain chemicals.

Sorry this is hurried - I am at my friends and I need to head out.

I'll check back tomorrow!

Meme0221 responded:
Ohh, honey absolutely!! Sugar & caffine most certainly increase pain levels, indeed. I can feel the pain almost instantly after I have something sweet or any caffine, especially coffee. I 99% avoid coffee for that reason. I've cut down a lot on sweets too.

You will read in the fibro books they discuss sugar & caffine as something we should avoid as much as possible! So limiting these things can make a difference, b/c they do increase our pain levels. Hope this helps out..

Hugs. MeMe
cactusflower1963 responded:
a little sugar makes me crave MORE sugar.

it also negatively affects my IBS (big time!)

Booch007 responded:
Read Meme's Link on diet in the article..............

Sometimes we get high insulin responses and that will give your body a "low" and that can bother the muscles........I don't eat too much free sugar, but I don't use chemicals either. Trying to keep a steady state of energy source has been my latest challenge............NOT having the afternoon low..means so much to my body. I just need to find the art of maintaining that. I am low carb throughout the day....low glycemic foods....

Love a good salad...................................Hugs, Nancy B
spring1953 responded:

Oh yes!!! I realized that I would always have a big flare up, if I ate a lot of sweets. Of, course I crave sugar, eat sweets, especially ice cream and then POW , a big flare up. Pain, fatigue, you name it. So I try to limit myself, especially on the ice cream, because I know I will suffer later.

upstatemama responded:
I have fibromyalgia as well as a connective tissue disease. I didn't know that sugar influenced these conditions. I cut out my sugar mainly for weight loss reasons, but recently I have been craving sugar badly. So, I've been eating; fudge, jelly beans, cake, etc. and now I feel crippled. I can hardly walk. Even my meds aren't helping me. I sometimes cry myself to sleep, when I can sleep. Sometimes I just want to curl up and die, but I can't get my legs to bend. Vioxx was my wonder drug, now I'm on Mobic and I don't get the releif that I got from Vioxx. So I guess it's true that Sugar has a great deal to do with fibromyalgia. I guess It's time to go back to Equal.... I live in pain each and every day of my life.
lb707 responded:
Check out the article on WebMd under fibro on seven foods that may affect Fibromyalgia. It was a very interesting read.

Grapedy responded:
If you have to use an artificial sweetener, use Splenda! It's the least dangerous out of all of them. Aspartame can wreak havoc with the body and brain chemistry. And on a molecular level it's one molecule away from being tar.

I cannot eat or drink anything with aspartame in it. (that's Equal) The after-taste takes hours to get rid of. Not even rinsing with Listerine gets rid of it. I used to love the raspberry Crystal Light. Can't drink it. Don't do diet drinks of any kind either because of the aspartame. It gives my dad terrible heart burn. Splenda 7-Up is tolerable, but I'd rather have the real thing.

Since my mom is diabetic we do a lot of baking with the Splenda Baking Blend and you can't tell a taste difference in the food from when you use regular sugar. My grandmother has had success with the Splenda brown sugar in cakes but I haven't tried it in cookies yet.
Meme0221 responded:
Yes, sugar does affect FM & makes the pain increase. I notice if I have any sweets I feel it more... Also, caffine increases pain tramendously as well. I no longer have reg. coffee, which I seldom drink but when I do, its decaf... with caffine, I can literally feel it spreading all over my body. Hence, my lack of drinking coffee. That is one food item that severely makes my pain worse. All cokes I drink are decaf too, that is a must for me.

dinosgurl responded:
Sugar definitely affects my fibro. Anything in the white family, flour, pasta,,bread, etc will get it going.

I had a really bad time a few weeks ago, my office had a Diversity Day celebration. Everyone bought food in from their native country.. I went over to the sweet table, it was soo tempting and started to take a little bit of everything. Felt like a kid in a candy store. It was wonderful going down and I experienced no pain or affects until.....Whoa, the next day I could hardly move! Realizing, I went overboard and overdid it, was a hard lesson to learn.

Also, any sugar substitute will trigger pain as well. Splenda is a sometime thing.

The lesson here is to "Just Say No!"


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