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National Fibromyalgia Association
Anjl26 posted:
The NFA offers up to date information, new research, treatment ideas, educational offerings and many other FM topics.
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krrish responded:
Hi! Anjl26...Great resource. Thanks for putting out there. Also wanted to share w/u and everyone else suffering from FM...try is a very good form of treating works..and u don't jave to take any no side effects..I just got it done consistently for 3 months 2-3 times a week..and it has relieved soooo much pain..I would definitely recommend it...the needles don't hurt at's better than a's great....I had alot of pain 6 months ago...and now hardly any pain..and no meds....any questions feel free to reach out...
good luck!
aquasurfgirl replied to krrish's response:
WOW! Thanks! I will try it. I use a wellness doctor and she uses acupuncture. I also know a chiropractor that uses acupuncture. That is wonderful that you have found something that works! I'll sure give it a try. I did acupuncture probably 10-15 years ago before I had fibro. No harm in giving it a try!
Stay well and pain-free!
Ambersmom97 responded:
I am taking some of this information to my pain doc today so I can get disability accommodations at my college. At 47 I need all the help I can get! Thank you for this post~~~Chele Amber's Mom
It's not the years in your life that count but the life in your years. - Abraham Lincoln
hoosierheadcase replied to Ambersmom97's response:
I am also from Northern Indiana and would be interested in knowing who your rheumy doc is? Not in love with mine. No pain meds to help get through flares.
BetteK responded:
Anjil, have you looked at the abstracts in the research section at NFA? The most recent listing was in 2008. The best way to use these listings is to find topics you are interested in and then use those topics to access PubMD and find more current research on those specific areas.

I am interested in the brain and its changes in fibromyalgia. We have many subtle differences from those who are normal and even from those who have osteoarthritic pain but no FM.

I truly believe that studying these changes can lead to correcting our chemical imbalances with medications that go right to the basis of fibro and do not give us any of the many side effects most of us cannot tolerate.

If we want to know what is happening in research NOW, we have to see what has been published in the past year, not the past decade.


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