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missist responded:
It is interesting--although there are people with Fibro that have arthritis too--so that's a problem.

The guy is a vet--but also a PHD--so that needs weighing.

The big problem though is that he did not include people who do not have ANY of those things. without a normal control all he really has is proof that fibro is not OA or RA.
Which is already known.

So frustrating isnt it that there are no big studies on something so many people have.
Anon_501 replied to missist's response:
According to the above info it reads the following:

That pattern — a biological "fingerprint" of fibromyalgia — was then tested in a blind study against blood samples from patients with rheumatoid arthritis or osteoarthritis. The blood test confirmed, with 100% accuracy, which patients had fibromyalgia.

"It separated them completely, with no misclassifications," Buffington said. "That's very important. It never mistook a patient with fibromyalgia for a patient with arthritis. Clearly we need more numbers, but this showed the technique is quite effective."
missist replied to Anon_501's response:
I may need to read it a few more times. I keep thinking how does he know it is fibromyalgia in the pattern? if he didn't compare to normal controls?

did I miss that somehow?
I mean it may be a pattern everyone has.. I will read it again.
I've mis read things before.
missist replied to missist's response:
I guess he must have been using normal controls at the start. otherwise I don't think this could have been done.

I was thinking its sad that we need a 'vet' to do research. Having a frustrating day--so don't mind me--I just thought it was kind of ironic.

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