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More on Vitamin D
Dollbug posted:
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MagPrincess responded:
I got a verified fraudlant page notice. that was it.
Dollbug replied to MagPrincess's response: got this on the web link that I provided?

And did this come up on the page indicating this....

There is a lot of info on the doctor's name out there...

I probably just do not understand what you are saying...if you could just verify this...


MagPrincess replied to MagPrincess's response:
This is what I get

Page Blocked

URL: Rating: Dangerous Threat details:

Verified fraudulent page or threat source.
Dollbug replied to MagPrincess's response:
Erin......I guess then someone has blocked you from getting the page.....I did include the web link in my post today....and I know that Cece was able to read it.....

I am sorry that you got this message....but I just checked it again on my computer and I was able to pull it up....

I can not answer as to why it came up with this info on it....unless someone has indeed blocked the computer you are using....

Take care...

teddybear200 responded:
Thanks for that article - 2 1/2 yrs ago when I was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes they finally checked my Vit D levels and found out I was low.

I have been taking Vit D3 daily and my levels are normal - and my thyroid meds have gone from 150mcg's to 88mcg's. Deb.

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