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Sleeping pill that helps pain?
MagPrincess posted:
New article that shows some promise.
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annette030 responded:
Xyrem is a date rape pill. I don't care how well it might work, I would not have that pill in my house.

I have read mixed reviews on the studies and the folks that posted on another board I used to visit who tried it said it wasn't a big help. No one said it was wonderful. No one opted to stay on it long term.

I personally feel that if anyone steals my meds to get high, that is their bad judgment and if they overdosed or had a bad reaction, it would be on them, I wouldn't feel all that bad about it. However, if someone stole the drug from me and gave it to some girl/woman and raped them, I would feel horrible. It still would not be my responsibility, but I would feel still horrible. Just my opinion, everyone has to make their own decision about these things.

If anyone does opt to try it, please keep it locked in a secure box with a real lock on it, and do not tell your friends and neighbors about it being at your house. Be discreet.

Take care, Annette
cybil53 responded:
I was put on Zyrem for the Fibro to help me with my inability to get a good night sleep. I will tell you I wasn't on it long and would never go on it again. It is a very dangerous drug, mine was a liquid that I measured out. The insturctions stated to be in bed when you take it because it works so fast. Well if you have children still home that you need to be able to wake up if they call out forget this drug. I do not have children at home anymore but my concern was what if there were a fire or an emergency during the night? My husband tried to wake me a couple of times and he couldn't, and that is scary!

But along with that concern I was 150 lbs when I started it and I was on it for 2 months. I did not do anything different as far as diet or exercise and after the 2 months I was down to 90 lbs. I looked anorexic it was awful, I wore a size 2 which is grossly to thin. My doctor couldn't find any reason for the weight lose except for the Zyrem. As soon as I went off it my weight came back.

Now please don't think oh that would be great to lose weight since many of us have a weight problen with Fibro. That is not how you want to lose weight. You literally have no control when you are on that drug. And the weight lose was not attactive at all! It is a very scary drug to be on, I would not reccommend it for anyone.

jul2010 replied to cybil53's response:
Thanks for the info. I'm seeing my doctor in 2 weeks and I'm going to have to tell that I have not been sleeping as many hours in the night as she wants. I wrote the name of this drug down so I can have it handy. You know - brain fog. Again, thanks for the info.

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