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Doctor Pellegrino please help with no poop
An_198686 posted:
It sounds funny for some but since I had my galbladder remove many years ago and have had to take meds for migraines I have had problems with not pooping. Its worse now with the FM and the meds I take every day for that. I have tried that special yogert out noe,prune juice and all diff fiber pills and ceral. I end up having to use exlax once a week. Is there some thing that I can do that will make it so I can poop on my owen. My husband teases me because he poops twice a day.Thanks for your help :)
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An_198687 responded:
You need to get off the laxitives and start using a "stool softener". Make sure that you get the one without a laxative in it!!

Any generic brand is fine, yes this is an over the counter drug, and is used safely by millions. The active ingredient is Docusate Sodium, 100mg.

The dose that you need is determined by trial and error! Don't take enough then the pipes get clogged, take too much then you have niagra falls!!!!!

When you first start taking them just take one every morning. If that isn't enough try adding 3 at night - Monday, Wednesday, Friday. If that is too much stop 1 dose - Wednesday. So on, and so on!!!

You may have to change dose, if you have any changes in your meds, diet, or health. If the pipes do get alittle clogged, use a glycerin suppository. Stay away from the lax routine!

Hope this works for you!
jamesii responded:
I had gallbladder surgery in 98. Shortly after that I started flooding like Niagra Falls. I took stuff to stop me up for about 3 to 4 years. Then, suddenly it switched and been that way ever since. I have IBS, started that after the surgery, that can cause your bowel habit to switch back and forth. Also, a lot of people with fm have IBS.

I was put on ducolax stool softner, that worked for awhile. Then I started taking metamucil- to much bloating and gas. it seems that stuff doesn't mix well with IBS. Then it got bad again, dr put me on sennocot, a vegetable laxative pill, he also put me on Miralax. I take, a small capful of miralax, 1 sennocot, and 1 ducloax and I am doing just great.

Ark Jim
An_198688 replied to jamesii's response:
Oh my if I took all that.........well let's just not go there!! I have heard a lot about Miralax. It was mentioned by my Gastro. as a good option if needed.

Hope that combo keeps working for you for a long time!

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