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Where does your diet rank?
MagPrincess posted:
I was really really surprised by how low on somethings i was. It will deffinetely change my grocery shopping at least for this week(can't promise to remember for next week! lol)


Given the choice between the experience of pain and nothing, I would choose pain.
William Faulkner
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konsdorf responded:
Im not eating but one time a day and its a small meal. I know its not good for you but, thats all I can eat now a days. Everytime I try to eat something more or anything like that I get sick. So I have lost weight and I like that, I havent even wanted to eat that one time a day, but i know that I have to no matter what so i make myself do at ;least that. so Its cut down the cost of the bill at the store when i go . saves more money for us to do other things with,
mischelle360 replied to konsdorf's response:
I also only eat once a day and not much then. It isn't that it makes me sick, it's more like I am just not hungry... Most days I also have to force myself to eat at least once a day.

I have pretty much been like that my whole life though. Or at least as far back as I can remember.

Now with my constant IBS acting up, I don't even get half way through my meal without having to "go". Needless to say I don't care for more food after that happens. lol
An_198690 responded:
its dif every day some days i force myself to eat dry toast other days i can eat 3-4 meals.

i asked my girlfriend about this and she says the more depressed i am the more i eat

over the last almost 12 yrs iv gained over 100 lbs
forgetful88 responded:
My diet depends on weather I am around peopel or not. During the work week i snack maybe 2 times a day at work;
deli meat, peanut/crackers, pudding cups, or applesauce, or popcorn. I am not a breakfast eater, nor do I eat a real lunch. Sometimes I don't get hungry at work so will wait until dinner to eat something. Now if I am home alone for the evening i won't bother with making dinner. Sometimes I won't eat, or I will eat a snack (like up above). I hate eating alone....

Now weekends, it depends on weather I am alone or not. I won't usually eat but snack once a day during the weekend, if hubby is home than we usually make a big brunch or early dinner.

I just can't eat when alone i don't know why, i just can't.

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