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lolly2creates posted:
I was diagnosed with fibro January 20, 2009. I went to the fibro research center at Oregon Science & Health University. I live 90 minutes away so didn't persue treatment there. Prior to this diagnosis I had 2 months of literally not getting out of bed except when necessay. Just moving in bed and getting up was very painful. I am on several meds but don't feel they are sufficent and /or the right ones; and I agree with the other posts that doctor's are reluctant to prescribe pain meds.I am trying to find a doctor who specializes in Fibro, but to no avail yet. Yes I have all of the symptoms and I know I must keep moving with excerise .Do not give up my fellow"fibro" friends, we are the masters of our "new" life coping with fibro.
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tamsenj responded:
I too went to ohsu in 2006. I live on the coast so i don't go regularly. This website really help's when you are having a rough day or a good day!

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