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    Pain Journal
    MagPrincess posted:
    This pain journal has been the most helpful to me and my Rheumatologist and Chiropractor.

    It takes a bit to get all the information in the first time but afterwards it takes very little time. I love that it asks you the questions. I can litterally do this in a brain fog moment.
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    CindyLG responded:
    This is a really good idea!
    MagPrincess replied to CindyLG's response:

    I love this one. I love that it was designed by doctors and I love how you can personalize it for you.

    It really is through but easy to navigate.
    Lish2007 responded:
    Is the website the pain journal you are all talking about? Because i logged in that and started filling it out and stopped because i got the impression that it was something that was to fill out if i got injured on the job or something that i needed to file to someone...??
    I would love to have something online that i can fill out how i felt that day or something like that, that's what pain journal to me sounds like. :)

    Help!! Thanks!! :)

    MagPrincess replied to Lish2007's response:

    No Keep going it gets all your medical information why you have the pain and what not and puts that on the report when you print it out for your doc.

    Once you get all the information in you can log in each day and click on how you feel and where you feel. you can set it up to record your monthly period as well.

    It was designed by doctors so it asks alot of questions and then you get one that is more specific to your pain.
    Lish2007 replied to MagPrincess's response:
    OH okay thanks MagPrincess. :) I wasn't sure, i felt

    I will try it tonight or tomorrrow!!!

    MagPrincess replied to Lish2007's response:

    No problem

    It threw me a bit too.

    But after you have done a few days worth of logging you can print a report.

    The first page of the report has your name date of birth, Start and end date of report, how many days, how many entries you made and the date you printed. then Diseases, pain types, Causes of pain and your monthly cycle and what kind of birth control you use.

    Then it will also print how often you take your medication and how satisifed you were with it. As well as how you are trying to relieve your pain and how satisfied you were with that.

    I like this especially because then I don't have to remember it!!!! lol. I just hand them the report! lol.
    Wolfsong452 replied to MagPrincess's response:
    I started using this pain journal, but it's starting to get same old, same old.

    That is, every day is the same old pain.

    no let up, no changes.

    same places etc.

    so, I'm not sure if I want to continue daily.
    MagPrincess replied to Wolfsong452's response:
    I still think its a good tool to show your doctors.even if it doesn't change.

    Some days mine is exactly the same.

    I just know my chiropractor is really impressed with it as is my therapist.

    I don't think its so much to help us feel its changing as it is to help explain and communicate with the doctors.

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