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Icy Sensation?
kmc1218 posted:
I am not sure how many people this affects, but I have developed a new symptom recently that is quite unsettling. Along with the severe, constant pain that my doctor and I are still trying to manage, I have developed cold spots. I am not talking cool to the touch. I am talking "ice cold frost bite" sensations in different parts of my body. The sensation is transient, so a pinched nerve has been ruled out. The cold spots do not feel cold to the touch and does not hurt (thankfully) but the iciness seems to go deep into the muscle and can only be relieved from constant movement. Does any one else have this symptom, or am I just "defective" Any comments would be appreciated. Thanks.
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angelldakota responded:
Hi KMC... I wish I could say I was defected but I am sure neither of us are... I too have these ice spots... I have to be bundled up before I can do excersises tho,... and they have to be light ones from my crutches or in bed... But moving sometimes dos make it better for me... Or I curl up in about 3 blankets... if I can handle the touch of them on me... I have multiple problems and can't always have anything on my legs...

There you aren't defective unless we both are... but I will bet we aren't the only ones in our corner... Anyway... Trust me... You aren't alone... and FM nor illnesses... Even my other 17... doesn't make us defective lol

take care... bless you.. Jan/angelldakota
cndlu70 responded:
YES!!!! I have experienced it, along with severe pain. Normally, it is in my toes, but I have had it in different places, too. (also very itchy)

My dr. hasn't really given a diag. on this particular 'happening', but seems to always say it goes along with FM. I'm wondering though if there is more going on with me other than FM. I have done some research on my own and have many symptoms of neuropathy.

I'm sorry to hear that you're having these problems, but am glad to know that it's not all in MY head.......
NeNe_11 responded:
I get that all of the time in my fingers & toes & often down the fronts of my thighs.
I dont know what it is & Im not sure anymore that I care!
You are not alone
shannlee0379 responded:
I haven't yet been diagnosed, but along with the painful tingling and the hot spots I get on my lower back with pain, I do get icy spots on my cheeks with the tingles. I thought I was going crazy as it only happens on my left side. But most of my symptoms are on my left side.

Mckm2 responded:
I've had FMS for 27 years and it does pass through many different forms and phases. Try to relax and not worry about it too much. Just try and work through it physically. Tai Chi has always been my good friend although I have been lazy lately. When I went through a period of needing to constantly move to deal with pain I tried many kinds of relaxing movements like gardening, Tai chi, swimming, stretching. Focus away from you cold and think warm thoughts. Your nerves are working on healing themselves. The body is always at work healing even though we are managing a chronic illness. We must support our inner core with patience and understanding. Good Luck Mckm2
OneWriter responded:
Oh wow! I thought I was the only one. It wasn't until today, actually, that I started to think that this sensation could be related to the FMS.

Mine is in only one place, the middle of my back, and the best and only way I can describe it is the sensation of a block of ice that has been placed directly on my back. It is icy cold but it does not feel cold to the touch. In my case, movement helps but does not shifts it and only, the covering of the area with (usually) three of more layers of clothing, does the job.
An_198657 responded:
I have cold spots too.
Sometimes it is just a ice cold thumbnail, or 3 cold toes.
Then it switches and one side of my face will feel hot.
It is very weird stuff !
Know that you not defective in any way.
Chip13 responded:
You may want to have a Dr. look at your thyroid function. And don't just rely on blood tests. Make sure they check you THS, T3 and T4 (to start with)

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