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JERRIAYN posted:
In response to your excessive thirst, an ent dr. diagnosed me with the syndrome due to excessive dryness of nasal passages and thirst. There isn't alot you can do about it, but it helps others to understand why I can tip up a 32 oz bottle of gatorade and finish it in 30 seconds.
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evonneralph responded:
I know this is quite a long time since you posted your question, but wanted to offer something more than gatroade.

I take Exovax four times a day. It seems to be more effective on some days, but I take a lot of medication. I also sip on drinks all day long, use gum or mints.

It's not really just the dryness of nasal passages of the but also effects the eyes, throat and, in rare cases, internal organs.

To confirm you have Sjogren's, you will need to do a lip biopsy.

There is a Sjogren's Foundation on the web if you want to learn more and/or be in contact with others.

Mckm2 responded:
Did the Dr. check your thyroid as well because excessive thirst is one of the major symptoms for Hypothyroidism. Just thought I'd ask. Hope it all works out. MCKM2

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