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granny_1 posted:
there is a relatively new gel called VOLTERAN GEL that works great on hands, knees, & other hard to treet areas. It does require a prescription but discount cards for it are available online or from your doctor. When i put it on before going to bed, I put on cotton gloves at first to prevent me from rubbing it into my eyes. Many times I will also wrap my hands in a heating pad; this takes care of my pain without any side effects. Wearing gloves to bed took a little getting use to, but now I go right to sleep. Thanks everyone for your suggestions! One other medication I'm using for my Fibro pain was prescribed by a neurologist is NAMENDA. Its use is for early demintia, but it works great for headaches & Fibro pain. Keep in touch-this is the best way to find help! Bless you all & HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!
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1rmouse responded:
Hi, Linda R. here and yes Voteran gel is new and works nicely. I found it last September via my bone and joint doctor. He said it was good, but so new that more indo needs to come back on side effects. And it still needs more time out there and more use by people before he felt really good about it. He warned me to use just a small, small amount on my finger tip and rub it in. He said a little goes a long way and he's right, I don't need much to take my pain away. : )
So I hope that you are using small amounts as well. I am hoping that this cream gets more cudos by those that use it and by those that script it as time goes by and that it is available to more of us with Fibro as an OTC gel because it really is a 'helper' with the bone and skin pain.
Linda R.

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