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Warm the towel and housecoat
Fatzinger posted:
Living in Ohio this time of year is the pits but the snow is beautiful; except today its 52. I have delt with more intense pain when getting out of the shower. The other day though I grabbed a towel from the dryer and it was actually still warm when I got out, it was wonderful.

If your laundry room is in a different part of your home warm your towel and robe in the dryer 30 minutes before shower and pull out of dryer and place in plastic bag and trwill the top of bag to keep heat inside. Place the bag by bath/shower and when you get out you should be wrapped in warmth :)

Everyone have a HAPPY COMFY NEW YEAR!
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Dairyl responded:
Thanks for the great idea!

My dryer is in the basement, but you came up with a great idea!

I'm going to try it today!

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