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This misunderstanding about fibromyalgia!
fibrokath posted:
I've been dealing with fibromyalgia for over 10 years now. I have also been dealing with the pain of a dual knee replacement that happened two years ago and the shifting of my harrington rod from my scoliosis operation back in1975 and is now causing me a great deal of pain.
BUT, with of all of those issues, nothing has compared to the pain I went through when I was still suffering with the fibromyalgia pain.
I realize now that doctors have no clue as to how bad or hard going through fibromyalgia can be. There are no test to indicate the pain in which you are suffering since all the medical test they preform come out normal. It is not until you have experienced that kind of suffering that anyone can grasp the full extent of the of what you are actually going through. I have been going through a 9 month program call the Fibro and Fatigue center. Yes, I had to pay for all this myself since the insurance companies would not cover it. I can truely say that they have gotten control of the fibro symptoms by at least 70%. For the first time I feel I am in control of this horrible disease. I am more active and feeling better than I have in the past 9 years.
People dealing with this disease need to know that YES there is a program that can help you get you life back.
Please know that I am saying this out of experience only. For the first time I found doctors who not only understood my situation, but also knew how to get it under control. I pray this may be an encouragement to those have been given the idea of there is no salution and no hope for a cure, but there is.
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clear2sea responded:
How did they help? I went to a Fibro clinic in WV and they felt exercise was the key - while I am not in the YMCA - I workout but it does not help. I got the news in 2000 that my doctor finally named what I had - FIBRO and doctors just keep me on meds. My memory is a real issue and pain. I am looking for any help. Cost is a issue for I have no insurance and I don't work.
fibrofogsurvivor responded:
Where did you locate a Fibro/Fatigue Center? I don't think we have them where I live. Yes, this disease is tricky, if you over do it and don't pay attention to your body the next day is wasted by sleeping. I have started walking again and even though I act allover I know it helps me mentally and my joints. Thank you for your information.
teddybear200 replied to clear2sea's response:
Here is a site I found on this info - sounds good to me as well but not in my neck of the woods - and traveling is not an option for me at this time due to my breathing problems. They do not require insurance - they have monthly payment plans.
Some day I will soar on wings of an Eagle - Teddybear

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