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neck, shoulder, hand and upper back pain
Hello all, just a note about something helping me with these pains. It is a heating pad I found on line, hold on not and ordinary heating pad, this one helps all those areas at once. This heating pad covers the area up the back of your neck, down to below the shoulder blades and wraps around your shoulders like a shawl and crosses in front so you can place your hands under each of the overlapping ends and keep them heated as well and comfortably. This and it comes with a washable very soft french terry cover. For me it is a dream after years of folding propping and otherwise twisting up the common heating pad. I pray this helps some of my commrads in pain.
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auntdee1948 responded:
I would like to know what that heating pad is called. I have a large one that just covers the back area. That is about the only time I am comfortable is when I have it on . Thanks, so much.
NeNe_11 responded:
Hello. What is the name of the heating pad or site that you got it from? It seems as if they either dont reach the area you need it for or it doesnt stay hot long enough.

Denise in Pgh
kathybel responded:

where did you get this fabulous sounding item? i would love to have one. This area is my biggest problem along with my upper arms.
1wareaglefan responded:
I would like to add that I had the same painful areas, and the normal heating pad just wouldn't work. I found a heated throw at Walgreens that works similar to what you're describing. I'm able to wrap it around my entire upper body, particularly my shoulders and upper arms, which give me fits!

This has been a lifesaver for me.
PopTart7 responded:
where can I purchase the heating pad? Thank U
homecoming responded:
Bed bath& beyond online. I found one that covers back of neck and my favorite has flaps to go onto your shoulders?
maggiethedoglover replied to homecoming's response:
I bought the one at Bed, Bath and Beyond for $50 (Sunbeam). It is wonderful! However, I was in Walgreens the other day and it looks like they have the same thing, only a different brand, for $40.


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glad2bhere65 replied to maggiethedoglover's response:
Wow, thanks for the tips everyone! I'll have to get one when I can afford it, because I have all those painful areas too. I hope all of you have a good day today.


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